A Personal Touch

Paul Gilroy

Bartender, Tao Nightclub
Photo by Jon Estrada

Photo by Jon Estrada

Hometown: Tucson
Moved to Las Vegas: June 1992

Gilroy doesn’t let Tao’s intense volume get in the way of making a real connection with each of his customers. “I know it’s quite loud in the nightclub, but talking to [guests] just a little bit goes such a long way,” he says. Of highest importance to Gilroy are family and friends, so in his off time, he enjoys unwinding with a hike at Red Rock with his fiancée and his dog. At work, Gilroy does all he can to show each patron that he truly values their business, and that often includes at least a quick chat with every visitor. “It’s an easy way to bond with your guests and form a little bit of trust.”

Get Your Fill: “Check out the whole club. Visit each setting so you can really get the gist of it. You’re the whole reason everything is going on, so you should check everything out.”

Story by Kat Boehrer

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