The Unshakable Martini

Nick Martini

Marketing Manager, XS and Tryst
Photo by Jesse J Sutherland

Photo by Jesse J Sutherland

Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio
Moved to Las Vegas: December 2012

Martini is a busy man. He leads the creative team at XS and Tryst, juggling sponsors and staffers (and their disparate schedules) to provide guest experiences like no other. “It’s nonstop work,” he says. But he’s not complaining. Martini led the Alec Monopoly graffiti takeover on Labor Day, and is always developing fresh concepts for the clubs. He’s most proud of XS Night Swim, the nighttime summer pool party, for which he starts planning in the winter. “I can’t say I pictured myself in the nightlife industry,” Martini says, “but it was always a goal of mine to work in entertainment.” Outside of his nightclub responsibilities, Martini is also a husband, soon-to-be-father and a student at the Academy of Art where he’s going for a master’s degree in web design and new media. “These days,” Martini says, “a night out means dinner and a movie.”

About that last name: “During college, I was a bartender for two years. It was brutal. Now, I like it. People say they wish they had my last name.”

Story by Camille Cannon

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