Works Well With Others

Keith White

Director of Marketing, Hakkasan
Photo by Anthony Mair

Photo by Anthony Mair

Hometown: Farmington, Maine/Boston
Moved to Las Vegas: September 2004

On the three-year anniversary of his joining Hakkasan Group, White says he’s realized that his best work is done behind the scenes rather than in the club every night. “I focus better, and I prefer to stay out of the limelight,” he says. As marketing director, his job is to put others into that limelight, creating the branding plan for each artist booked in the club. A background in management information systems makes him a formidable one-stop shop, but he also understands the necessity of teamwork; he provides support and leans on others, “but it causes problems when one department is more needy than others,” he says. “I know it’s easy to say that Hakkasan has amazing artists and that’s why everyone goes, but this is a very competitive market, and it takes more than just being a club with an artist.” Laughing, he adds, “I work well with others.” After a year of living in Manhattan and working at the group’s Atlantic City outpost, HQ Nightclub, White had the opportunity to open Hakkasan in MGM Grand. And he made a beeline for Downtown. “The last thing I wanted was to move to the suburbs and have to drive.” Over the last year and a half, White has witnessed the highs and lows of his adopted neighborhood. “There was a lot of growth really fast, and I think now there’s some pulling back,” he says, “Sometimes just having a good idea isn’t enough. It takes time.” A little more teamwork would go a long way Downtown, too.

Story by Xania V. Woodman

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