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2015 Eco Issue

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    Should You Go Solar?


    For me, the thought of using the sun’s asphalt-melting energy to power my air-conditioned cocoon, light up my big screen and chill my beer is a dream right up there with putting a human colony on Mars.

  • The Eco Issue

    Why the Future of Solar May Not Look Like Ivanpah

    As we wait for a clear picture of the impact of Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System on the energy portfolio and environment, one thing is clear: The world of solar power has changed since that project was conceived nearly a decade ago.

  • The Eco Issue

    Land of Opportunity

    How a dry lake bed in Ivanpah Valley turned into a mysterious $2.2 billion source of thermal solar energy—and environmental controversy

  • The Eco Issue

    Is This the Home of Tomorrow?

    By Camille Cannon

    There’s an unusual house being built at 328 N. Lisbon Street in Henderson. Its silver exterior clashes with the earth tones around it. Its roof is curved. Its floor is concrete. Those who pass by could mistake it for a military bunker, or a hangar for miniature airplanes. Or a giant beer keg tipped on its side.

  • The Eco Issue

    Lighting the Way

    By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

    For years, state leaders have been stressing the importance of diversifying our economy. But one of the best opportunities may be shining right in our faces. According to the Solar Foundation’s 2014 State Solar Jobs Census, Nevada led the country in solar jobs growth and solar jobs per capita.