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  • The Latest Thought

    Sports Fans, Be Careful What You Wish For

    Is it truly better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? When it comes to your hometown sports team, I’m not so sure. Many Las Vegans have long held out hope for a big-league sports franchise, and as a transplant to the Valley, I probably ought to hop on that bandwagon. But my status as a lifelong fan of Cleveland’s teams gives me the duty to issue a warning: Where I come from, sports fans lead lives of quiet desperation. The Browns, the Cavaliers, the Indians—the names alone invoke images of ineptitude, choking in pivotal moments and constant failure.

  • Night-lites

    XS, Tryst employees donate $171,000 worth of toys to 98.5 KLUC Morning Zoo’s annual drive

    By Jason Scavone

    Employees from XS and Tryst marched into a local Walmart on Dec. 7 and liberated nearly every toy on the shelf. The club used four semis to bring the $171,000 haul to the 98.5 KLUC Morning Zoo toy drive, showing off in the process a receipt that stretched 150 feet. We hope they got us an awesome Huffy while they were there.

  • ‘Something About This Place …’

    If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll discover a neighborhood eatery that you frequent so often that it feels like a second home. That was the case for Rhonda and Jeff Wyatt, who fell in love with a deli and wine market that opened across the street from their Desert Shores home. When Marché Bacchus debuted in a small shopping complex in 2000, the Wyatts were among its first customers.

  • Concert Review

    Arctic Monkeys and TV on the Radio

    Despite the early-autumn heat, a large crowd was full of energy for the British quartet Arctic Monkeys. Front man Alex Turner performed with such bravado that he even slid across stage on his knees while playing his guitar. But the backbone of their indie rock sound was drummer Matt Helders, who stood out by providing back-up vocals on every song and taking lead on “Brick by Brick.” He even managed to play, sing and knock his drumstick off his bass drum 10 feet into the air and catch it.

  • A Small Bite

    A Matter of Taste(ing)

    If you have serious wine commitment issues, you’re not alone. Choosing the right wine can be an overwhelming experience, with many inexperienced wine drinkers finding themselves stuck in a rut, afraid to branch out into the many unpronounceables and the vast catalog of winemakers. Luckily, many of our local wine purveyors offer single-day courses and free wine tastings so that you can familiarize yourself with different varietals, regions and winemaking techniques before plunking down for a full bottle.

  • Music

    Guided By Voices

    On the 10-12-hour road trips to his grandmother’s house in Kansas, Josh Huslig and his family would listen to a cappella music nonstop. Those long rides created an impression on Huslig’s young mind and showcased the diversity of the human voice.

  • Concert Review

    Red Eye Radio

    The rain couldn’t keep fans away from Red Eye Radio’s performance at the Beauty Bar on July 8. The small space quickly filled as the local cover-band supergroup—comprised of musicians from Novelty Act, Romance Fantasy, the Big Friendly Corporation, Music for Deaf Girls and Big Bang Baby—took to the stage after a two-month hiatus.

  • The French Connection

    Restaurant owner Olivier Brouillet’s secret weapon may be his smile. Immediately upon walking into the Baguette Café (8359 W. Sunset Road, 269-4781), his thick French-accented greeting and warm grin begin to work on you. The aromas emanating from the small kitchen will tip you off that this isn’t a typical deli. Making it all the sweeter, you begin to sense that you are among the first to discover this hidden gem, surrounded by an office complex off Raphael Rivera Way in southwest Las Vegas. This isn’t an eatery that you will just happen upon.

  • Stage

    Turning Tricks

    When German magician Jan Rouven was 19, he made a pilgrimage to Las Vegas to see its magic shows. “I realized all the illusion gurus are located here in Vegas, and it made it somehow the magic capital of the world,” he says. “I always dreamed about bringing over my show to Vegas.” Ten years later, Rouven’s dream is finally coming true. After two years of successful limited engagements at Fremont Street’s Oktober FrightFest, Rouven is bringing his act to Vegas full time with his new show, Illusions, at the Clarion Hotel.

  • Movies

    Film Gallery

    Film Festivals Viscera Film Festival (July 29-30). A series of short horror films made exclusively by women, previously only shown in Los Angeles. Pollygrind (Oct. 7-16). Short pieces that explore the graphic, dirty and sometimes disturbing side of horror films. Vegas Independent Film Festival (Nov. 16-20). A sampler of the local independent cinema scene, which will award the best films in Vegas.

  • A Small Bite

    I ♥ Yogurt serves fro-yo with an ’80s twist

    When Poetry Nightclub in the Forum Shops at Caesars abruptly shut down in 2009, nightclub directors Branden Powers and Rich Bowen decided to get out of the nightlife industry and open their own self-serve yogurt shop. An unlikely transition, perhaps, but successful: The duo has carved out a niche in the outskirts of Summerlin with I ♥ Yogurt.

  • Seven Questions

    Norm Schilling

    When Norm Schilling was waiting to be fired from the city dump for selling salvaged goods on the side, he knew he was going to have to find another job. He observed trucks full of grass and plant materials making runs there and thought that landscaping was a job he could do. So he threw a mower, a blower and a weed whacker into the back of his truck and went into business for himself. After taking classes on lawn care and other landscaping matters, he soon developed a passion for horticulture.

  • Ron Lutz

    Ron Lutz is exactly what would imagine your local butcher to look like: short, stocky build; thick hands toughened by years of cutting meat; and a mustache that perfectly embodies his East Coast upbringing. A second-generation butcher, Lutz moved to Las Vegas with his family in 1985 from Pittsburgh right before his senior year of high school. After finishing his education at the Southern Nevada Vocational Center, Lutz followed in his father’s footsteps and began a two-year apprenticeship at two supermarkets, J&J and Lucky (now Albertsons).

  • Stage

    The Yellow Bark Road

    While watching the rehearsals of the Las Vegas Shakespeare Company’s production of The Wizard of Oz, I was not sure how Cheeto, a 1-year-old Chihuahua-terrier mix on a temporary work loan from the Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), would perform as the iconic dog Toto. That was until Miss Almira Gulch (a.k.a. the Wicked Witch of the West) ordered Dorothy’s Uncle Henry to take Toto away. As Uncle Henry reached in Cheeto growled and barked at him with the timing of a seasoned vet.

  • A Small Bite

    Tapping into sustainability

    RM Seafood executive chef Rick Moonen, who has long been on the forefront of sustainability and reducing waste in his restaurant, has recently incorporated a new way to serve wine at his seafood eatery. It’s a system that delivers wine in a lightweight, recyclable keg composed of three parts: a cardboard outer shell that surrounds a CO2 bladder, which compresses an inner bag containing the wine. The CO2 never comes into contact with the wine, thus maintaining its integrity.