Vegas Seven


  • Dining

    Raise a Preshow Glass to Tony Bennett at Wynn Las Vegas

    By Larry Braverman

    Dinner-and-show deals give fans the chance to make a night of it.

  • Dish and Tell

    Baking Happiness Daily, Revisiting Allegro and a Wine Club With Big Perks

    By Marisa Finetti

    Bite down on the latest dining news.

  • Taste

    Seven Midnight Snacks to Keep the Party Going

    By David Morris

    While you can obtain nearly anything your heart desires here, these exceptional bites can only be had in the wee hours.

  • Dining

    Best Thing on the Bone

    The best thing on the bone arrives virtually falling off of it. The Ossobuco d’Agnello at Allegro begins as a relatively tough cut of meat. But stern connective tissue turns to velvet when braised for 3-4 hours. Chef Enzo Febbraro has a way with bone-in lamb shank—he treats it tenderly as he wants it to taste, and serves it with a savory vegetable stew, tucked into a bed of house-made pappardelle as firm as the meat is soft.

  • Dishing With Grace

    Carbonara, Allegro

    By Grace Bascos

    This is the right time of the year for carbonara, the egg and bacon pasta dish that sticks to your ribs. Allegro’s is made with pancetta cured in house by the restaurant’s chef, also a charcuterie aficionado. The porky chunks are tossed with ribbons of scialatelli pasta and a creamy, eggy Parmesan sauce.

  • Burrata at Allegro

    Chef Enzo Febbraro isn’t about to give up his secret family recipe or technique for the burrata he makes daily at Allegro at 5 p.m. (just in time for dinner service). After many samplings, we can surmise that a magic combination of fresh mozzarella and cream results in a buttery (that’s what burrata means in Italian), milky and airy cheese that’s ideal for blissfully uncomplicated dishes such as caprese salads—or to nibble on its own with bread and fruity olive oil.

  • Notte-worthy Italian

    By Max Jacobson

    Wynn Resorts is changing a few things in its galaxy of restaurants. Switch is now closed and will open as a different concept later this year. Botero is pushing its supper-club concept to the nightlife crowd. And Stratta has become Allegro, still the hotel’s province of casual Italian dining, but with a new chef and totally new menu. Max’s Menu Picks Pizza bianca, $16. Baked lasagna Napoletana, $28. Osso buco d’agnello, $49. Zuppa di pesce, $38.