Vegas Seven


  • Art

    Screen Saver

    By Jarret Keene

    David Sanchez Burr’s new gallery, Multiplexer, is the culmination of years spent mining the intersection of art and technology, images and ideas, emotion and intellect. Now, in an elevator-size space that can barely hold a half-dozen people at one time, the artist hopes to legitimize video as an art form in Las Vegas.

  • Art

    Love Him

    By Aleza Freeman

    There are those who need love. There are those who have love. And then there are those who love themselves just a bit too much. New York-based artist Curtis Kulig, whose trademark “Love Me” movement is inhabiting the Cosmopolitan’s P3 Studio through Valentine’s Day, speaks to them all. Now don’t misunderstand. Kulig is not some flower child on a mission to spread love. “I’m not a preacher, and I don’t consider myself like a hippie, ‘Oh it’s all good, just love one another,’” he says. “It’s not like that.”

  • Art

    Rock the Flock

    By Cynthia Behr Warso

    The new installation at the Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery is full of sheep. So who gives a flock? Perhaps you will. The visual spectacle of a ceramic lamb sporting a pink neon nimbus times 40 is the perfect mix of kitsch and reverence. Even though David Adey’s Flock wasn’t made for Las Vegas, it exemplifies the incongruities of life here. In an era of arena-size mega churches and Facebook friend lists in the thousands, this flock of diminutive lambs turn their heads in unison ready to “like” the next wired thing that arrives from the vast void.

  • Art

    From Garage to Gallery

    By Akilah Jordan

    The Las Vegas Art Museum is coming back, in a brand-new space. It’s partnering with UNLV’s College of Fine Arts and is planning on displaying its permanent collection at the Barrick Museum on campus. The artwork has been in storage since February 2009, when the LVAM closed because of lack of funding.

  • Arts

    Cultural Freedom

    By David G. Schwartz

    Some people think culture is a tough sell in Las Vegas unless it involves sequins or a stripper pole. The Smith Center for the Performing Arts’ innovative Design Your Own Series is looking to prove them wrong. Traditionally, performing arts centers sell subscriptions to series in dance, music or theater. To get the series discount, you had to go all-in, buying tickets for shows you wanted to see as well as those you didn’t.

  • Arts

    The Battle of First Friday

    The news that our city’s monthly downtown Las Vegas arts celebration will shut down until October has sent the followers of our urban arts scene into a feeding frenzy—everyone appears to be eating each other.

  • Dramatic Steps

    “Nothing to prove, everything to share” is prominently inscribed on the wall inside the Las Vegas Contemporary Dance Theater. At first you don’t pay much attention to it, because it seems like another one of those trite workplace truisms. But after you meet the man who had those words inscribed, you realize that this is one workplace where the words really mean something.