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Ask a Native

Travel back to vintage Vegas at the Peppermill’s Fireside Lounge. Photo by Jon Estrada

Where Should People Go for a Taste of ‘Old Vegas’?

I was recently asked something similar by a Canadian magazine, though their query was “Where can we walk among the ghosts of the Rat Pack?” That particular list is getting rather short, but includes the Riviera, the Golden Steer steakhouse, the Little Chapel of the West and—albeit it’s a stretch—the SLS (built in the bones of the Sahara) and Wynn Golf Club (formerly the Desert Inn Country Club). Read More

Ask a Native


Where to Escape the Football Crowds

You don’t like how your favorite dining haunts become de facto sports bars for five months a year? I feel your pain. While living in Summerlin, I quickly learned to avoid my go-to Italian joint on Monday nights in the fall, when the inescapable pallor of a flat screen would turn my otherwise dark, relaxing escape into a frat party. Read More