Best of the City


Best of the City 2013

Best Community-Supported Agriculture

Quail Hollow Farm has prevailed over the harsh growing conditions and meager profit margins that have kept Southern Nevada from jumping on the CSA trend in a significant way. Only about a half-dozen of these co-op farms, which deliver food to paying members on a regular basis, are thriving here. Among them, Quail Hollow is Read More

Business & Services

Best Place to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

When friends start mysteriously disappearing and your boss develops a strange hankering for human flesh, one store in town has got your survival needs covered. Don’t be deterred by the pale creature perched casually on the roof of the Zombie Apocalypse Store clutching an assault rifle. Hurry inside for deals on 42-ounce cans of fettuccine alfredo with chicken ($39), stun guns ($31) and vicious-looking curved knives ($30 and Read More

Health & Beauty

Best Store for Your Skin

Don’t let its Strip location deter you (just take Harmon Avenue right to the Cosmo’s parking garage), Skins 6|2 is locally owned and is the only beauty boutique of its kind in the United States. Featuring familiar favorites such as Deborah Lippmann nail polish and TokyoMilk fragrances, the best part of this beauty spot is that it also features a plethora of brands you’ve never heard of and that are normally only available Read More



Best-Looking Cocktail Server

While “hottest” is as subjective as it comes, Hakkasan’s Karla Luna gets the nod for having a unique look and story. When the Guadalajara native moved to California and then Utah with her mom, neither spoke much English. A dark-skinned Catholic tomboy in a city of light-skinned Mormons, her exotic natural beauty got her modeling jobs starting at age 15. After high school, she landed a culture-shocking cocktailing job (with no cocktailing experience). Now she’s at Hakkasan, where she is routinely photographed with Read More

Health & Beauty

Best Workout

Whatever your fitness level and sport of choice, prepare to bring your A game to the classes at Pilates + Yoga. Studio owner Jodi Tallo is an ultra-runner as well as a certified Pilates and yoga teacher, and it shows when she demonstrates with ease maneuvers to which six-packless individuals can only aspire. Read More



Best Celebrity Chef We Hope Sticks Around Awhile

Celebrity chefs are teases. They show up in our city to open restaurants with all the fanfare befitting a star of culinary shows, cookbook empires and morning television. And then, faster than you can blow out a pilot light, they’re gone, leaving an executive chef to labor anonymously under the banner of their august name while we are left to wonder who was that toque’d man who plated our Read More


Best Nightlife Secret

You’re going to eat dinner anyway—you’d better if a long night of drinking and dancing is on the itinerary. So why not leverage your meal ticket into your nightlife ticket? A deep nod of gratitude goes first to Tao and Lavo for offering years ago to escort hotties and partiers from dinner table to dance floor. Today, you can find other nightclubs hopping on board. Want to hit Surrender? Eat at Andrea’s. For 1 Oak, eat at Stack. If you’re headed to The Bank, start at Yellowtail or Fix. Hakkasan? Eat at Hakkasan. You’ll still pay cover, but get to skip the Read More