Best of the City


Best of the City 2013

Best Community-Supported Agriculture

Quail Hollow Farm has prevailed over the harsh growing conditions and meager profit margins that have kept Southern Nevada from jumping on the CSA trend in a significant way. Only about a half-dozen of these co-op farms, which deliver food to paying members on a regular basis, are thriving here. Among them, Quail Hollow is Read More


Take your glam-mother out on the town for a three-course, prix-fixe meal at Comme Ça. The classic lemon tart dessert satisfies even the most sophisticated sweet tooth as it’s topped with lavender marshmallow, aerated white chocolate and verbena mint ice cream. In the Cosmopolitan, 5 p.m., $49 per person,

Best Sweet With Meat

Like oil and water, some things just don’t mix. Until we tasted Comme Ça’s Duck Confit Cinnamon Roll, we thought sweet and meat were two of those things. But leave it to chef Brian Howard to blow our minds with a savory-sweet combo that’s become a fan favorite on the menu. The freshly baked cinnamon roll is laced with tender duck that has been rendered in its own fat, topped with smoked bacon frosting and served with raspberry compote. Weird, we know, but that’s just how chef Howard rolls. Read More


Best Club that Feels Like a Festival

If you’re looking for a festival-like experience, but without all the desert setting, lack of water and road weariness, head to the magical labyrinth of Hakkasan, which is about as festival-festive as you’ll find indoors. Both book top DJ/producer talent. Both have wild set designs, dancers and choreography. Festivals have multiple stages, each with its own DJ and vibe. Hakkasan has multiple rooms with unique programming and character. Festivals have carnival fare; Hakkasan has a Michelin-starred chef at the Read More

Business & Services


Best Staycation Bargain

With about 150,000 hotel rooms, Las Vegas has plenty of options, but the historic El Cortez wins for a few good reasons: It is perfectly positioned on Fremont East for a night of crawling among all the cool new bars without worrying about how to get home; it’s still got historical charm but with some contemporary refurbishments (such as the new Designer Suites and the lime-green modern Cabana Suites); and midweek rates are as low as $21 a Read More

Health & Beauty

Best Vegetarian Oasis

Long before Whole Foods entered the marketplace, Rainbows End was selling whole foods in Las Vegas. It’s survived by maintaining its ’70s-inspired health-food lines while adding more contemporary offerings, such as eco-friendly cosmetics and toiletries. The in-house café still carries the hippie-themed Green Goddess sandwich alongside a full menu of juices and smoothies. Plus, the store is now a participant in the Quail Hollow Farm Community Supported Agriculture exchange. Buying local, eating fresh and supporting a Vegas staple—it’s an herbivore’s Read More

Arts & Entertainment


Best Strip Headliner

While we’re tempted to divide this category into three headliners—i.e., Coco Austin and her enormous twin assets—we’ll count them all as one big, sexy, high-wattage headliner. Injecting renewed vigor into the erotic production spectacle Peepshow as Bo Peep after the departure of Holly Madison, the Ice Loves Coco reality-show star proves she’s more than just her mammaries, but a genuine presence Read More