Best of the City


Best of the City 2013

Best Community-Supported Agriculture

Quail Hollow Farm has prevailed over the harsh growing conditions and meager profit margins that have kept Southern Nevada from jumping on the CSA trend in a significant way. Only about a half-dozen of these co-op farms, which deliver food to paying members on a regular basis, are thriving here. Among them, Quail Hollow is Read More


Best Condiment

The ketchup at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill is further evidence that our dining public is growing more sophisticated and discriminating. Those bottles of Heinz that you slap on the bottom may still be the most popular thing to put on french fries, but this house-made sauce, redolent of horseradish and several other spices, is prepared in large batches on the premises, and tastes way better than the ordinary stuff. Read More

Bars & Booze

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Best Bartender

Sponsored by Vegas Seven and Bols Bartending Academy, the inaugural “Las Vegas’ Best Bartender Competition” began June 25 with a 40-question written exam—Vesper barman Roger Gross aced Read More


Best Go-Go Dancers

It’s so much more than merely hiring models and teaching them a few moves. Sure, hotness is a prerequisite. But this is about beauty and creativity. And Marquee just gets it. Cosmopolitan creative director Gen Cleary uses the club’s stage to help “break the cliché of what a go-go dancer is and how to elevate it.” Cleary works with Hakkasan and XS, too, and both have great go-go’s, but we’re partial to Marquee’s stage that sits perched atop the DJ Read More


Best Dish Like Grandma Used to Make

The Banoffee Pie at Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill doesn’t always look traditional: Sometimes it’s a familiar slice with layers of homemade whipped cream, custardy toffee and bananas; sometimes it’s an individual short-crust tartlet swathed with dulce de leche under banana cream, caramelized banana slices and topped with a quenelle of fresh whipped cream. But, with eyes closed, even a fanciful play on this British export delivers bites of pure nostalgia. Read More

Arts & Entertainment

Best Community Theater Comeback

Roaches can survive a nuclear holocaust, so the theory goes, and our Cockroach Theatre thespians are no less resistant to death. Hatched in 2002 as a collection of some of the Valley’s best theater talents, the troupe bounced between venues over the past decade, even disappearing for a while. Resurfacing in March, they finally found a home—Downtown’s Art Square Theatre on First Street—and have roared back with a slew of productions, including Death of a Salesman, Love Song, You May Go Now and Gruesome Playground Read More