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Best of the City 2013

Best Community-Supported Agriculture

Quail Hollow Farm has prevailed over the harsh growing conditions and meager profit margins that have kept Southern Nevada from jumping on the CSA trend in a significant way. Only about a half-dozen of these co-op farms, which deliver food to paying members on a regular basis, are thriving here. Among them, Quail Hollow is Read More

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Best “Shop Locally” Cheerleader

The local jewelry designer could rest on her laurels and play Vegas socialite as the daughter of Jack Weinstein, owner of Tower of Jewels, but Polly Weinstein has enough chutzpah to make a name for herself. The young, fiery blonde spends her time designing her own line of jewelry (the Jeweler’s Daughter) and organizing a biannual “pop-up” showcase event Downtown called Neon Bazaar that features Las Vegas-owned businesses only. Shop the next one November 30, Small Business Saturday, and support Weinstein’s Read More

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Best Vegas Movie Moment

Much funnier than the horrid Hangover Part III, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone satirizes the out-of-control-for-far-too-long egos of the Strip’s headlining magicians. While he’s almost outshined by Jim Carrey’s sado-masochistic Criss Angel caricature, Steve Carell’s falling-star protagonist unveils a neat feat. He manages to potshoot David Copperfield by having groupies sign consent forms even as he invites these ladies to witness the Biggest Bed in All of Las Vegas: “Would you like to see it?” he Read More



Best Pizza

After years of mediocrity, Las Vegas has turned into a respectable pizza town, with places such as Dom DeMarco’s, Grimaldi’s and our Best of the City runner-up, Secret Pizza at the Cosmopolitan, which makes the best—and most reasonably priced—Strip slice. But the winner and still champion is Settebello, which opened in Henderson in 2005 and now has several national locations. Brad Otton, the man who started the chain, did an LDS mission to Naples, Italy, and came back with a passion for tomato Read More



Best Underappreciated Restaurant

With so many restaurants vying for attention in Las Vegas, it’s easy to overlook some. Onda Ristorante is one of those slightly-forgotten-but-easily-lovable restaurants that has everything from an impressive cheese selection to tender osso bucco, braised beef cheeks and char-grilled octopus. Onda also features a fine-dining room and a more casual bar area, lined with white marble. An impressive wine list and reasonable prices for the Strip make it our go-to spot for Friday dinner. Read More


Best Nightclub VIP Host

What makes a great nightclub host so great? For Padraic Breeze, senior VIP host for XS, Tryst and Botero, it starts with reliability. He replies quickly and positively. Whether it’s for you or just your friends, it’s always affirmative. In fact he’ll take care of your friends without even knowing they’re your friends, no intro needed. He’s the host you trust to take care of your girlfriends. Want a table? No gauging or “$300 handshake” tip-racketeer here. He’ll greet you at the rope and make you look good in front of your crew. He’ll write up your slip and walk you Read More

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Best Place to Buy an Outfit … for Your Pet

Dee Mounts couldn’t find any cute clothes for her beloved British Bulldog, so she set about designing her own brand, Bo & DeeMo. Its success led to Mugsy & Moxie’s Bully Couture, an all-canine clothing and accessories store at the Market LV. Think Swarovski crystal-studded collars, local handcrafted dog bowls, punk-inspired dresses, backpack harnesses and bully-beater T-shirts. Diva dogs at the Read More

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Best Place to Become a Domestic Goddess

With the economy still sputtering along and the Earth’s resources buckling under the weight of our conspicuous consumption, it’s never been a better time to get crafty. But the cost and legwork required can make mastering the domestic arts a bit intimidating for everyone but your grandma and a few cooler-than-thou hipsters. Downtown fashion lab Stitch Factory is doing its part to bring sewing to the Read More

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Best Standup Act

Any year where Don Rickles plays at The Orleans makes it hard for any other act to get in consideration as the best stand-up in the city, but a one-off at the Palms was stunning for the quality of comedy as well as the unlikely source. Read More

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Best Shopping Center Renaissance

The pride of developer American Nevada Company, Green Valley Town Center boasted a United Artists Theater, Barley’s brewery and casino, and Smith’s when it opened in the mid-’90s. Losing one leg of the three-legged stool when the theater closed in 2005, the center teetered. Starbucks, a furniture store and other retailers shuttered, and the Great Recession mocked plans for a Read More

Health & Beauty

Best Vegan Role Model

Best what? Really we just wanted an excuse to trumpet Annie LePage, whether you’re looking for a vegan to idolize or not. If you’re not a convert to the strict no-animal-products diet (adios, dairy and eggs!), one glance at the recipes on her catering and cookbook website or Twitter feed might change your mind. What’s not to love about Fiesta Quinoa with cilantro dressing? Mmm. What’s more, LePage isn’t just a body-beautiful example of a healthful diet, she’s a badass poker player (the jury is out on the effects of cheese on poker—but she’s making a Read More

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Best Nevada Author

In 1872, Mark Twain published Roughing It, a memoir of his travels through the Wild West, including the Nevada Territory. More than 140 years later, we finally get an update on the still (mostly) untamed land and its people. The 10 short stories in Battleborn (Riverhead, $26)—the debut collection by Pahrump-raised author Claire Vaye Watkins—give dimension to characters that the rest of the world sees only as stereotypes, if it sees them at all. In turn, the world has taken Read More