Best of the City


Best of the City 2013

Best Community-Supported Agriculture

Quail Hollow Farm has prevailed over the harsh growing conditions and meager profit margins that have kept Southern Nevada from jumping on the CSA trend in a significant way. Only about a half-dozen of these co-op farms, which deliver food to paying members on a regular basis, are thriving here. Among them, Quail Hollow is Read More

Business & Services

Best Worst Lawyer Commercial

If there’s one good reason to watch local TV these days, it’s bad law ads. Typically, we love either the guys who try way too hard or the guys who try very little. Now, straight from Don Draper’s nightmares, there’s “Attorney, Jack Bernstein,” who somehow manages to do both (see for yourself on YouTube). This guilty pleasure begins with a pas de deux of voice and body language that is at once gentle, firm and totally Read More


Best Fries

Chef Brian Massie of the Light Group does killer fries at Fix, the terrific steakhouse in Bellagio. The recipe calls for hand-sliced Kennebec potatoes, which are fried at two different temperatures, first at a lower temperature and then in hotter oil, to ensure they come up crisp and golden brown. The plain fries are reason enough to visit, but they also do Kobe cheese fries, topped with lean ground Kobe beef, and a rich sauce using a quartet of cheeses. Read More

Arts & Entertainment


Best Vegas Reality-Show Star

Pawn Stars is the reality show gift that keeps on giving, begetting Counting Cars and creating an, ahem, vehicle for its star, Danny Koker. Koker, the gravel-voiced, easygoing mechanic who runs the shop, had a ratings hit right off the rip, premiering to 4.3 million as the History Channel’s highest-rated debut. The show just wrapped a second season and is already filming its third, propelled as much by Koker’s relentless, infectious positivity as it is by the sweet whips that come out of his Read More

Business & Services

Best Government Agency That Used to Be the Worst

It’s not easy to admit, but we can no longer just whip out the DMV as the butt of easy jokes anymore (“That [insert grueling thing here] was worse than going to the DMV!”). Even among government agencies, it’s long been notorious for having no respect for our time. But there’s been a transformation in recent years, with shocking results: an orderly system, reasonable waits and (this is still hard to type) pleasant service. How’d this Read More

Health & Beauty

Best Couples’ Shopping

Now located in a stunning 15,000-square-foot space, the new Express at the Fashion Show is chicer, sleeker and sexier than before. Men can shop in one half of the open-spaced store while their female counterparts remain in view while shopping the other, slightly larger half. Featuring quality fashion with an elegant blend of classic silhouettes and modern trends at a fair price, the store gives both shoppers simultaneous retail satisfaction. Read More

Arts & Entertainment

Best Residency

The old saw about Vegas residencies is that it’s where past-their-prime performers go to die. Not so with Soul2Soul, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s 20-show series at the Venetian. This superstar married couple is still at the top of their game: McGraw’s latest album, Two Lanes of Freedom, came out in February, and he’s touring in support of it. Hill has a new music video and single out, “American Heart.” Moreover, they join Garth Brooks and Shania Twain in a line of country stars taking over the Read More