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Black Mountain Institute

  • A&E

    Great Minds Will Gather To Discuss The American Dream At Black Mountain Institute’s New Literary Festival

    By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

    Las Vegas is more of a natural fit for writers and their outlets than might originally seem and "The Believer" is optimistic about opening a new chapter here.

  • Reading

    ‘Witness’ Good Literature

    By Chantal Corcoran

    The poetry and prose journal 'Witness'—published thrice annually by UNLV’s Black Mountain Institute—seeks to feature modern writers whose work “contextualizes the American experience by highlighting issues of global concern.”

  • Seven Questions

    Seven Questions for Harriet Washington

    By Cindi Reed

    Medical ethicist, author and UNLV Shearing Fellow on mental illness, Big Pharma and the power of one

  • Philanthropy

    Black Mountain Institute Received $20 Million

    By Cindi Reed

    Wonderful news for lovers of the written word: UNLV’s literary center, Black Mountain Institute, received an epic $20 million gift March 19 from the Rogers Foundation.

  • The Hit List

    Frankie Moreno Re-Emerges at The Smith Center

    By Camille Cannon

    Curious what Frankie Moreno’s been up to since he left his post at the Stratosphere?

  • Culture

    The Write Way to Spend 10 Grand

    By Erin Timrawi

    The $10 million gift recently infused into the Black Mountain Institute will also provide a $10,000 increase in the stipends awarded to writers. How would a long-suffering, brilliantly bohemian writer spend an additional 100 Benjamins?

  • Next Exit

    Feed Your Head: Sparrows, Mao and the Meaning of the Black Mountain Institute

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    I cannot imagine killing a sparrow. Maybe if I were starving? Maybe if they fixed their tiny eyes on me in a freakish, Hitchcockian sort of way? But really, a sparrow is a frail, sweet bird.

  • Gossip

    Mr. Rogers Delivers the Write Stuff

    By Jason Scavone

    Thomas Wolfe tried to tell us that you can’t go home again, but since when can you trust a man in a white suit to deliver credible information?

  • The Sketch Pad

    Do They Like Him? No, Not Much.

    By Cindi Reed

    What women writers need are wives. That was the ultimate conclusion of Black Mountain Institute’s Feb. 22 panel on female novelists. As a female writer with a chronically messy apartment, I could’ve told you that. Nothing could better help me achieve my literary goals than a live-in servant. But it being the 21st century and all, the same probably applies to men.

  • The Word From the Mountain


    Last spring, when the Legislature considered massive budget cuts for both higher education and K-12, a public dialogue developed around the question of the value of education as a whole. Could a community that had for so long prospered with marginal education standards ever understand the multifaceted value of an education? Would a community that equates education to job training, and success to cash on hand, ever really appreciate a broader, classical liberal arts foundation?