Vegas Seven


  • Seven Nights

    By Sam Glaser

    Thursday, July 11

  • DJ Profile

    Borgore Ruined Dubstep

    By Deanna Rilling

    Jazz, metal and ultimately dubstep—Borgore can create it all, plus emcee up a filthy storm, put his face on ladies pasties and accomplish darn near anything else the unabashed Israeli DJ/producer feels like doing. Vegas Seven had an uncensored (and frequently amusing) conversation with the bass-music badass born Asaf Borger before his next Las Vegas gig at Marquee Nightclub’s BoomBox on Sept. 24. Going back a bit, how did the whole “Borgore ruined dubstep” thing start?

  • B*tches love Cake at EDC

    By Yuhi Kim

    Borgore, once considered "the man who ruined dubstep," served up forty minutes of dirty, filthy, neck-breaking beats out of an ice cream truck he calls the Cream Machine. His new show premiered Friday at Neon Garden at the Electric Daisy Carnival in front of thousands of his gorestep loving fans.