Vegas Seven

Boulder City

  • Ask a Native

    A New Way South

    By James P. Reza

    Is there any reason motorists will stop in Boulder City once the bypass is complete?

  • Ask a Native

    What’s the Native’s Favorite Las Vegas Suburb?

    By James P. Reza

    I've long had a love affair with our clean, green neighbor, Boulder City, stretching back to my days as a restless teenager with my first VW

  • The Deal

    All Aboard the Bargain Train

    By Anthony Curtis

    The drive out toward Boulder City promises a string of food and gaming deals to make your trip worthwhile.

  • Ask a Native

    Is Boulder City the Only Place in Nevada That Bans Gambling?

    By James P. Reza

    Legalizing gambling remains unlikely in a city that has found a way to capitalize on its small-town charm.

  • Ask a Native

    There’s Really No Suburb-vs.-Urban Debate

    By James P. Reza

    I just spent an entire day suburb-slumming last weekend. I gassed up the car, filled my REI bottle with cool water, and took the long trek to a bagel shop at the ambitiously named Summerlin intersection of Trailwood Drive and Village Center Circle—believe it or not, my old ‘hood.

  • The Week

    They Came, They Glowered … They Left the Town Intact

    By Lynnette Curtis

    Boulder City’s famed bighorn sheep grazed as lazily as usual in Hemenway Park early Friday afternoon, June 22, oblivious to the “danger” that was just now rolling into town. A couple of miles up the road, it was the moment the sleepy hamlet’s 15,000 residents had dreaded for weeks: the arrival of scores of masked members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club for their three-day national convention. Media from all over Southern Nevada hovered for the inevitable culture clash: “Tatted-up bikers invade Pleasantville, USA.”

  • Devil Dash: Running in Hell and the Heavenly Finish Line

    By Akilah Jordan

    On May 12, I thought I was in decent shape. That day’s Devil Dash in Boulder City taught me that “in shape” is a relative concept.  At the starting line, I looked around and saw all sorts of creative costumes. Men and women wore tutus, devil horns and tails, crazy face paint, and colorful knee-high socks. A group of five women came to run in full, white wedding gowns. Perhaps they felt marriage is hell? It all seemed so fun. Then the race began.

  • The Short of It

    While there’s still a gaping hole in Las Vegas film culture since the demise of CineVegas, Boulder City’s Dam Short Film Festival put on another quality fest this year. This year’s festival wrapped Feb. 11, but that leaves you plenty of time to get ready for next year. I’d recommend a stop at the Dillinger for the portobella burger before walking over to the old playhouse to settle in for the shorts.

  • Dining

    A Dam Good Surprise

    By Max Jacobson

    Driving into Boulder City is like entering a time warp. Nevada Way is lined with motels crowned by deco-era signage, and downtown has a fudge shop and the sort of WPA architecture that makes you feel as if you’re in an episode of The Twilight Zone filmed during the Roosevelt administration.

  • Design

    Historic Green

    By T.R. Witcher

    In the heart of Boulder City, the Bureau of Reclamation is building an office facility that promises to add another grace note to the city’s old-school urban fabric.

  • Neighborhood Epicurean

    A Happy Detour

    By Michael T. Toole

    Boulder City is all too often regarded as just that little town on the way to Hoover Dam, a gas-tank fill-up and little else for those in a hurry. Growing up in Las Vegas during the ’70s, I heard Boulder City referred to as “Mayberry” (do I have to explain the reference?), and that was good or bad depending on your perception. As I got older, my appreciation grew for the city’s playful insouciance to modern times. It’s refreshing that Boulder Bowl is a bowling alley that is not attached to a casino.

  • Scene

    Cinema City

    By Greg Blake Miller

    I am looking at an elongated yellow oval. It is lit from within. Inside the oval is the word, in small black capital letters, “NEVADA.” Next to this word, in larger red caps—“DRUG.” Above the oval there is ring of little white light bulbs around a red neon “Rx.” I see the fading gray-blue of a 6 o’clock sky. I see a wooden electrical pole and the musical staff of its dark wires.