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Brad Garrett

  • Showstopper

    Reflecting on the year that was, Showstopper-style

    By Steve Bornfeld

    Welcome to Showstopper: End-of-Year Edition. Or, if you believe the Mayans, Showstopper: End-of-World Edition. Either way, following are review snippets for shows that opened or reopened—and in some cases, quickly closed—in 2012: Evil Dead: The Musical (opened in June at Planet Hollywood): “These actors don’t chew scenery. They gorge on it, swallow it whole and projectile-vomit it back at the audience.”

  • Stage

    Watch Out for His Tell

    By Matt Jacob

    You don’t have to spend much time around Brad Garrett to figure out that he meanders through life without a filter—he will say anything to anyone at any time. Not only does he not care if he offends you, one gets the impression he’s offended if he doesn’t. So it’s quite unexpected—if not jarring—when the actor/comedian/comedy-club owner turns serious. That’s what happened during a recent phone interview when Garrett started talking about the celebrity poker tournament he’s hosting. The Sept.

  • Brad Garrett

    By Matt Jacob

    It’s 10 a.m. on a Tuesday, two days after Christmas, and Brad Garrett strides into Studio 54 at the MGM Grand for a photo shoot and immediately begins working the room. Doesn’t matter that the room is mostly vacant. Garrett’s comedy faucet never shuts off. And right now, the tall funnyman best known as Robbie Barone—the awe-shucks, down-on-his-luck big brother on Everybody Loves Raymond—has a story to share about Pamela Anderson.

  • Seven Questions

    Brad Garrett

    By Sean DeFrank

    There’s no mistaking Brad Garrett when he walks into a room. He’s 6 feet 8 inches tall, and his famously low, rumbling voice easily penetrates walls. It is when he gets into his stand-up routine that you may find him unrecognizable. Garrett is known for playing Raymond’s softhearted, bumbling brother, Robert, on Everybody Loves Raymond, but the actor is completely upfront when he says people are shocked to find he’s not Robert after all.

  • The Latest

    Big Laughs

    Brad Garrett wanted to give his comedy club a name that would be easily recognized. “I thought I’d call it the Chris Rock Comedy Club,” he says—but he ended up naming it after himself. The Brad Garrett Comedy Club opens at the Tropicana on June 28.