Vegas Seven

Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club

  • The Deal

    The Price of a Laugh

    By Anthony Curtis

    How do you feel about going out to shows? I’m guessing you don’t mind it once you’re there, but it takes some effort to get up and actually do it. And the high-end shows are great, but getting in and out of the big showrooms only adds to the hassle.

  • Showstopper

    Analyzing insult comedy in the PC age

    By Steve Bornfeld

    Consider the thin line between insults and insults—especially when the line is a one-liner. Hypocrisy reigns in 2012: We mock the PC crowd as thought police while Internet anonymity breeds breathtaking nastiness—then we demand mea culpas from public figures for the smallest slips from their too-loose lips. Given that, what are we to make of insult comics in the 21st century—particularly Brad Garrett?

  • Brad Garrett

    By Matt Jacob

    It’s 10 a.m. on a Tuesday, two days after Christmas, and Brad Garrett strides into Studio 54 at the MGM Grand for a photo shoot and immediately begins working the room. Doesn’t matter that the room is mostly vacant. Garrett’s comedy faucet never shuts off. And right now, the tall funnyman best known as Robbie Barone—the awe-shucks, down-on-his-luck big brother on Everybody Loves Raymond—has a story to share about Pamela Anderson.