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  • celebrity sightings

    CES: The Best Time of the Year for Celeb Sightings

    By Seven Staff

    CES needs to happen every month, cause we can’t wait another year.

  • Technology

    A Look at Faraday Future’s FF 91 Electric Car

    By Zoneil Maharaj

    Sleek and luxurious, the crossover looks like something straight out of a futuristic sci-fi flick with the technology to match.

  • latest

    CES Extols the Value of a Plugged-In World 

    By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

    In 2016, the convention drew more than 170,000 visitors, who perused everything from iPhone cases to self-driving cars.

  • latest

    Brothel Hosts Free Sex Drawing for CES Attendees

    By Zoneil Maharaj

    As hotels swell with visitors for the International Consumer Electronics Show, so do area brothels. One in particular is giving back with a unique display of customer appreciation.

  • Technology

    At CES, You Are the Video Game Controller

    By Amber Sampson

    Virtual reality has spawned massive interest in the video game industry by enhancing what gamers already know about their virtual worlds and planting them in the position of their controller.

  • Technology

    Mind-Control Toys, Self-Driving Cars and Floating Speakers: Highlights from Day 1 of CES

    Back to the Future Part II's fictional vision of 2015 might not be too far from reality. While we don't have hoverboards, exhibitors at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show are unveiling some mind-blowing gadgets.

  • Technology

    Five Gadgets that Debuted at CES

    By Nicole Ely

    Entrepreneurs, techies and nerds are rubbing elbows with the technology industry’s biggest names this week during the International Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Here’s a look at products past and present that made their debut at CES.

  • Technology

    Five CES Mixers Not To Miss

    By Amber Sampson

    Las Vegas’ annual Consumer Electronics Show functions as a techie playground for those passionate about innovation. It’s also an opportunity to mingle and build your network among the tech scene.

  • Seven Nights

    The Weeknd Makes Drai’s Debut, Diplo Throws a Post-Tech Twerk-Fest

    By Camille Cannon

    Plus: The World Series of Beer Pong takes over the Riviera, John Legend celebrates at Foxtail, Beauty Bar hosts a "lundar dance party" and more.

  • Tech

    Get That Phone Out of Your Hands!

    By Nicole Ely

    From smart jewelry to stealth cameras, 'nonintrusive' wearable tech was all the rage at this week's Consumer Electronics Show. Here’s a sampling of the wares.

  • Gossip

    CES Delivers Headphone Bounty

    By Jason Scavone

    If CES were a high school cafeteria (bear with us here), then you’d want to mosey over to where the sexy, cheerleader-ish headphones were sitting. Because the headphones’ varsity football-player boyfriends in this admittedly tortured metaphor are all sorts of celebrities— and their big parents-out-of-town weekend keggers (we promise this will be all over soon) are nightclub after-parties.

  • Vegas Tech

    Finding a New Net at CES

    I found something strange at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Apparently the Consumer Electronics Association (the organization that runs CES) allowed a first-ever featured charity to have a booth at CES—for free. The organization is called Nothing But Nets (, and is dedicated to fighting the spread of malaria in Africa. And apparently a serendipitous connection with a CEA executive netted them a donation of some surplus booth space.

  • Found Material

    Mapping the Great Indoors

    Google Maps has made it easier to navigate the inside of many Las Vegas casinos using Android devices. Google debuted interior maps of some major retailers and airports, including McCarran International, in November. But during the Consumer Electronics Show it expanded its offerings to include the Las Vegas Convention Center and about 20 Vegas hotel-casinos. And for businesses wanting to add their floor plans to the list, Google offers directions to do that.

  • Vegas Tech

    Reality’s Bold New Look

    One of the perennially upcoming technologies displayed at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is augmented reality (AR), which enhances real-world images with digital data. So far AR has been a technology in search of a mission, but a few firms are betting that recent developments in image recognition and 3-D will finally enable it to become mainstream.

  • CES

    The Other Stuff at the Show

    While tablets, Internet connectivity and 3-D TV were all the rage at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, there also were some truly strange and amazing inventions on the margins. For example, how many times have you been wearing your sunglasses and thought to yourself, “I really wish these things worked as a camcorder”? Never? Well, somebody asked the question, hence the Active-I Sunglasses. For only $219, you can block out those harmful rays, record a point-of-view walk down your street and then watch it back on the sunglasses’ monitor.