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Channing Tatum

  • nightlife

    Seen Around Town: Magic Mike Live Attracts Star-studded Company

    By Seven Staff

    Plus, John Mayer got thousands of women pregnant over two nights at T-Mobile Arena and more.

  • A&E

    Meet the Magic Mike Live Emcee Representing on Behalf of Women Everywhere

    By Camille Cannon

    Lyndsay Hailey discusses the significance, challenges and sometimes, awkward rehearsal moments that come with being the female lead in a male-dominated production. Plus, check out our exclusive video with her.

  • A&E

    Behind the Scenes With Magic Mike Live Las Vegas Dancer Ryan Carlson

    By Camille Cannon

    It takes more than muscle to heat up Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's newest male revue, and this dancer's got heart. Read up on a day in his life before the show kicks off March 30.

  • Drinking

    Channing Tatum Brings Born and Bred Booze to Las Vegas

    By Melinda Sheckells

    The actor creates a new vodka brand and launches it in our city, the future home of the show he is directing, 'Magic Mike Live.'

  • stage

    Channing Tatum Wants to Know What Women Want

    By Nicole Ely

    The actor on developing his Las Vegas show, taking on a superhero role and how Magic Mike would stack up in a dance contest

  • Movies

    Buddy Cops Graduate to a Decent Sequel in 22 Jump Street

    By Michael Phillips, Tribune Media Services

    The peculiar sweetness of "21 Jump Street" has taken a hiatus in "22 Jump Street," a brazen sequel that’s both slightly disappointing and a reliable, often riotous “laffer” in the old Variety trade-magazine parlance.

  • Movie Review

    Don’t ‘Jump’ to Conclusions

    By Michael Phillips, Tribune Media Services

    Most of the big laughs in 21 Jump Street arrive in the first half, but take a moment to consider that phrase “big laughs.” What was the last stupid Hollywood comedy—good-stupid, not stupid-stupid—to offer actual, audible, verifiable big laughs? Heartily raunchy and rather sweet, 21 Jump Street comes from the 1987-1991 Fox TV show, in which Johnny Depp led an ensemble of barely legal police officers posing as high school students. The movie features Jonah Hill of Moneyball (for which he was Oscar-nominated) co-starring with Channing Tatum.

  • Movie Review

    The Vow

    By Tribune Media Services

    In this Chicago-set romance, Paige (Rachel McAdams) is sent flying through a car windshield after her car gets rear-ended in a snowstorm. She survives, but a traumatic brain injury leaves her with no recollection of the last five years. She has no memory of her husband Leo (Channing Tatum). What ensues are a series of “awwww” moments as Leo re-romances his wife. McAdams carries the picture, as she often does, though Tatum does his best to drag it down.

  • Movie Review

    Love at Second Sight

    By Michael Phillips, Tribune Media Services

    Two new products—and that’s what they are—at the movies this week present packages of nearly identical quality (eh), transcended by their respective top-billed stars who happen also to be excellent, crud-elevating actors. This is an excellent skill to hone if you’re both an actor and a star, because a significant portion of most careers is spent elevating crud.