Cocktail Culture


Cocktail Culture


The Kitchen Sink

The cocktail menu at Downtown’s newly opened Carson Kitchen is a delightful hodge-podge of craft liquors, culinary ingredients and spirit-forward notions. “Farm-to-table” were the marching orders for Southern Wine & Spirits mixologist JR Starkus, who was tasked with putting together the menu, and who chose smaller, artisan brands over big names. Read More

Just A Sip


No Need to Hide the Hooch at Forthcoming Downtown Speakeasy Hawthorne  

Attention all you dames, skirts, wise guys and boozehounds: Prepare to meet Downtown’s next watering hole, the Hawthorne, slated for a fall debut at 1115 South Casino Center Boulevard. Bar owner Brittany Michelle named the spot for the infamous Illinois hotel from which Al Capone ran his bootlegging operation. But unlike Capone, we will soon be able to enjoy a classic cocktail or glass of wine at the Hawthorne without fear being interrupted by the coppers. Read More