Vegas Seven


  • Social Influence

    A Vegas-Spawned Comic Book Series Is Headed to the Newsstand

    By Pj Perez

    Scrimshaw, the post-apocalyptic, high-seas adventure that Las Vegas-based writer Eric Borden produces with artist Dave Mims, will be available this summer.

  • DTLV

    The Beginning of Time

    By Travis Jackson

    Travis Jackson explains where seconds, minutes, hours, years, ages, epochs, eras and beyond come from.

  • 2017 Wish List

    David Chang Brings Momofuku to Vegas

    We turned the visionary and his tale of opening a restaurant at The Cosmopolitan in early 2017 into a comic strip.

  • A&E

    How System of a Down’s Drummer Went From Rock God to Comic-Book Hero

    By Jason R. Latham

    John Dolmayan's has made a fortune dealing comic books, especially at his new shop Torpedo Comics.

  • Reading

    We’ll Stay For the Zombie Apocalypse

    By Jason Scavone

    Chad Holloway had some money to burn after winning nearly $85,000 in the 2013 Casino Employee’s No-Limit Hold ‘Em event, and an idea borne from the sleep-deprived wee-hours of covering the tournaments as a reporter. Enter comic book "The World Series of Zombies."

  • Latest

    Wizard World Brings Out the Geeks, Cosplayers and Celebrities

    By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

    For the most part, Wizard World was about three things: Meeting celebrities, buying stuff and cosplay.

  • Reading

    Whiz! Bang! Buzzkill!

    By Jason Scavone

    The Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency had people actually testify about the dangerous, morality-eroding qualities of comic books. Because Estes Kefauver is history’s biggest buzzkill.

  • Reading

    Comic Curators

    A new art gallery has opened its doors in Las Vegas, complete with a celebration featuring spoken word by Harry Fagel and live music from Rushmore Beekeepers. If you missed it, don’t worry: Your downtown hipster rep is still intact. But your geek cred might need some work, because this new space isn’t downtown—it’s inside Alternate Reality Comics, one of Las Vegas’ oldest comic book stores, located on the periphery of the University District. “This side of town doesn’t have representation like downtown,” says Alternate Reality owner Ralph Mathieu.

  • Reading

    Conventional Approach

    This weekend, geeks of the world and the content producers who fuel their insatiable appetite for comic books, films and multimedia will descend upon San Diego for the 41st annual Comic-Con International. But aside from the discussion panels, film screenings, celebrity autograph signings, costumed characters and after-parties, there’s another draw to North America’s largest comic book and popular arts convention—the opportunity to network with the movers and shakers of the comic book industry.