Vegas Seven

Cover Stories

  • Eli Roth and the Killing Floor

    According to his IMDB creation myth, Eli Roth’s filmmaking career began at age 8 when he saw Ridley Scott’s Alien. To young Eli, it played like a magical combination of Star Wars and Jaws. He watched. He vomited. He decided then, at an age when most of us still believe the stork delivers movies, that he wanted to be a film director. A horror-film director at that, employing fake blood and his father’s power tools to make the many short films that paved the way to New York University’s film school.

  • Soldier of the Kitchen

    By Joe Donnelly

    If Gordon Ramsay hadn't become arguably the most famous chef in the world, he says he might have joined the special forces or some other branch of the military. He got this inclination a few years ago when he was in Afghanistan cooking for the marines.

  • Ronda and the Dark Angel

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    Shit. I gotta go, she says. The bumblebees are coming. She hangs up.

  • Castles for the Middle Kingdom

    It’s not easy being a Las Vegas architect. Just ask Windom Kimsey, president of the venerable Las Vegas firm Tate Snyder Kimsey. For starters, there hasn’t exactly been a ton of work for local architects in the last couple of years. Across the Valley, projects were canceled and renderings were consigned to desk drawers and hard-drive archives. TSK, the firm behind some of the most important structures in the Valley, had to cut its staff by 40 percent.

  • Grading Green

    By Bob Whitby

    Pop quiz: Which state had the highest amount of LEED-certified building space per capita in 2010? No, it wasn’t California. And don’t say New York, Oregon or Vermont, because the answer is Nevada. Bonus question: Which Nevada city has the most LEED-certified square footage?

  • The Lonesome Death of Family Vegas

    By Geoff Carter

    Tonight in Las Vegas, we’ll drink to a bygone time. We’ll drink to the sprawling suburbs that we once thought would attract young families and keep them here from magnet school to UNLV. We’ll drink to the ghosts of lip-syncing pirates, to the skeletons of NASCAR-themed roller coasters and casinos that look like Playmobil. Tonight, we’ll drink to the memory of “family-friendly” Las Vegas.

  • Deals on Meals 2012

    By Max Jacobson, Xania Woodman and Grace Bascos

    $2 Crab Tuesdays Crab Corner In the great Maryland tradition, Crab Corner features trays piled high with steamed blue crabs that are fresh from the Chesapeake Bay and seasoned with J.O. Spice, the Old Line State’s very own blend of seafood seasoning. On Tuesdays, crabs and beers are only $2 a pop. Get there early, as low prices like these can draw a crowd, which makes for a fun, communal atmosphere. $2, 4161 S. Eastern Ave., 489-4646, NVSeafood – G.B.

  • Scenes from the Near-Death of a City

    By Bob Whitby

    The ninth floor of the new $127 million North Las Vegas City Hall offers a sweeping view of low-rise sprawl, and from up there the city looks neat and orderly, stretching away nearly to the mountains with Las Vegas Boulevard pointing the way northeast along a corridor of commerce and activity.

  • Vino Las Vegas

    Wine Myth

  • Road to Nowhere

    By T.R. Witcher and Brooke Edwards Staggs

    Just before Christmas 2009, Las Vegas transportation expert Tom Stone and Orange County, Calif., millionaire developer William Buck Johns met in the middle for lunch.

  • How High Can They Rise?

    Seven Pivotal Moments From the Dawn of the Rice Age From narrow escapes to a transcendent triumph, the Rebels blazed new trails for the years ahead.

  • Spring Fashion

    The Color Wheel

    Photographer: Jana Cruder/Jana Cruder Photography Retoucher: HaoyuAn Ren Stylist: Nicole Chandler Hair & Makeup: Jenna Baltes Model: Margaux/Elite Model Management Los Angeles

  • Live After Death

    By David G. Schwartz

    That is not dead which can eternal lie And with strange aeons even death may die. — H.P. Lovecraft, quoting The Necronomicon, in “The Nameless City”

  • Features

    Ali in Vegas

    By Sean DeFrank

    On a chilly May night in 1955, Archie Moore defeated Nino Valdez in a 15-round heavyweight fight at the old Cashman Field in downtown Las Vegas. It was not a title fight, though its promoters tried to bill it that way. It was, though, if you take Las Vegas Sun publisher Hank Greenspun’s word for it, the “greatest event for the town since the government started using the area for atom bomb tests.”

  • Robots on Fremont Street

    By Kurt Rice

    Romo has a toothy smile and a mischievous soul. I watch him work the crowd clustered at the entrance to the Zappos-backed tech library upstairs from The Beat coffeehouse on East Fremont. A pretty blonde rolls him forward and spins him on his treads. I don’t see Romo wink, but I’m told he can.