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Best Vegas Reality-Show Star

Pawn Stars is the reality show gift that keeps on giving, begetting Counting Cars and creating an, ahem, vehicle for its star, Danny Koker. Koker, the gravel-voiced, easygoing mechanic who runs the shop, had a ratings hit right off the rip, premiering to 4.3 million as the History Channel’s highest-rated debut. The show just wrapped a second season and is already filming its third, propelled as much by Koker’s relentless, infectious positivity as it is by the sweet whips that come out of his Read More

Mr. Auto-Manic

It started with a ’66 Mustang GT 350, aggressive, lean and icy white, with lapis lazuli racing stripes that glowed as if James Cameron had overpaid a post-production team to touch them up. That’s the car Daniel Koker Sr. bought in 1973 when his son, Danny “Count” Koker, was 9 years old. It changed the kid Read More



Reality TV again mining Vegas

Leftfield Pictures, the production company behind Pawn Stars that got spin-off American Restoration onto the History Channel lineup, is apparently a good gang to have in your corner. Because it seems like everyone they’ve ever been associated with gets a History show out of the deal. Case in point: Danny Koker, owner of Count’s Vamp’d, will premiere his series Counting Cars—about his ride-flipping biz, Count’s Kustoms—on the channel Aug. Read More

Seven Questions

Danny Koker

Danny Koker’s shop, Count’s Kustoms, is a little menacing, with its flame-detailed hot rods and skull-encrusted motorcycles. So when he emerges to ask where to conduct this interview, I gingerly reply, “How about your office?” “You asked for it,” an employee says. What could be up there, I wonder, as Koker offers his arm to lead the way up an ominous metal Read More