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    Designs on the Creative Class

    Luke Heffron, a marketing manager of the photo-printing website Shutterfly, describes the problem of design this way: Everyone is attracted to bright, shiny objects. But the world is filled with bright shiny objects—so many are in competition that all but the very brightest cancel each other out. To matter, design needs to be more carefully considered; we need to think not only about the sheen of a thing, but its place in the greater whole of the culture.

  • Design

    Deco on Display

    By Cynthia Behr Warso

    With Hoover Dam, its accompanying artwork and the original Las Vegas High School, Southern Nevada boasts prominent examples of large-scale art deco sculpture and architecture. But for those who yearn for art deco on a smaller scale, A Celebration of Erté, showing through December at the Martin Lawrence Gallery, focuses on the work of one of the period’s great artistic masters.

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    The Royal Treatment

    By Sean DeFrank

    Just off the Strip on Convention Center Drive, with an unassuming façade and marquee, the Royal Resort looks like an average budget hotel. But once visitors step into the Royal House—the name given to the recently renovated lobby—any anxiety about being trapped in a scene from Vegas Vacation disappears. The inviting ground-floor space, polished up with locals in mind, has been transformed into a hangout for those weary of megaresorts.

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    Thinking Outside the Big Box

    Downtown is gradually coming back to life, but it still lacks the quality retailers we take for granted in the ’burbs. And since a livable place means a shoppable place, it’s a problem the area will have to address if it wants to lure residents from the Valley’s margins. Ryan Allord, a graduate student in the UNLV School of Architecture, has been thinking about how to solve that, and his exhibit at Emergency Arts showcases what he’s come up with—a novel concept that just might be a catalyst for urban retail development.

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    From Modeling to Remodeling

    By Sean DeFrank

    While in town to reveal her forecast to industry leaders at the recent Las Vegas Design Center’s 2011 Market, Monica Pedersen shared her insights with Vegas Seven on what trends in home design are making waves.

  • The Mood Board

    Building your outdoor room, one piece at a time

    By Randy Wells

    As Southern transplants, my wife and I are accustomed to spending as much time outside as possible. Once we put down roots in Las Vegas, we quickly realized that even though there are some extreme conditions at both ends of the thermometer, every season offers a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors—the only thing that changes is the time of day.

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    Palette Pleaser

    With every new season, the team at Jöel Robuchon—undoubtedly one of the world’s finest restaurants—changes its palette to accompany its changes for the palate. A new menu is introduced as well as a table settings in a seasonal color including glassware, florals, linens and the delicate accouterments that make the décor pop, such as brushes of paint on the plates, tiny paper cutouts, and beads and fabric added to

  • feature

    Ahead of Its Time

    By Ida Siverio

    Every year for the past five years, the art world has set its watch by Design Miami’s global forum for the best in design. For its sixth edition, Design Miami relocated to Miami Beach, adjacent to Art Basel. The result was an even deeper communion between the art world, the design world and collectors and followers. Under this year’s innovative tent structure, designed by Moorhead & Moorhead Studio, the international design community gathered to honor Konstantin Grcic as Designer of the Year.