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Diner's Notebook

Maneet Chauhan

Indian Chef Maneet Chauhan Eyes Vegas, Raises Aid Money

On the opposite side of the world, relief efforts are ongoing to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and that enabled me to meet the remarkable chef Maneet Chauhan, author of Flavors of My World ($21.95, Amazon.com), a culinary tour through 25 lands with an Indian slant to every recipe. The photos, by Quentin Bacon, are wonderful. Chef Maneet was here last month to host a dinner at Origin India, held to raise money for the typhoon victims. Read More

Diner's Notebook


Two Bites of Rock ’N’oodles, and Joël Drops His Foie Gras

It seems there is a new restaurant opening Downtown almost every week. What’s more, almost every one of them has distinguished itself in short order. Rock ‘N’oodles (1108 S. 3rd St., 522-9953) is the newest entry, a tiny place with two four-tops, two high glass tables with stools and three tables just outside the door. On a good day, they can seat 12 inside, six outside. Read More