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Meet Your Matcha

When people off-handedly say, “Oh, it’s an acquired taste” just before spoon-feeding you something they love eating, it’s usually a setup for you to try something that might make you wince. But by all accounts, matcha is an on-the-fringe drink that can change how you think about green Read More


The Cronut Craze Occupies Las Vegas

Whether food hybrids such as the Doritos Locos Taco, Double Down Chicken Sandwich or the Pizookie make you cringe or salivate, it’s undeniable that they ignite the curiosity of the masses. The latest mashup, the Cronut, debuted in May via the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City. This half-croissant, half-doughnut Franken-pastry takes up to three days to create, and is made from a dough that is immersed in grape-seed oil before getting a generous dusting of sugar, a filling of flavored pastry cream that changes each month and a slathering of Read More


Mingo Makes Waves

Cher. Prince. Charo. Elmo. Fabio. All single-monikered phenoms who were so busy making it big performing, getting tickled and flailing their man hair they couldn’t be bothered with a last name. We couldn’t have imagined them with one, Read More



Food Fit for Fido

In May, our sweet, baby-faced Cavalier King Charles Spaniel went on a hunger strike. Except that it wasn’t just any hunger strike. Eli would happily hunt down inedibles like bolts and cupcake wrappers by the roadside, things he saw as treats and we saw as one ginormous vet bill. Yet he’d turn up his black-button nose at the natural, grain-free kibble he’d been inhaling rather happily at every meal for the past nine Read More



Best Signature Dishes in Las Vegas

While You’re at It, Try the… Adjarski Khachapurri, Forte Bistro Oven-baked cheese and egg pie from Georgia in the Caucasus. $7.50. Lobster Pot Pie, Michael Mina With a rich crust and giant chunks of lobster meat. $85. Mashed Potatoes, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon More butter than potato, and famous the world over. Served with entrées. Agedashi Dofu, Raku



This Heart is in the Right Place

Max’s menu picks Braised beef short-rib sliders, $10 Asian roasted chicken salad, $11 Horseradish-crusted 16-ounce ground chuck steak, $19 Blackened Hawaiian ono, $26 House-baked Granny Smith green-apple pie, $7 Most of our major hotel-casinos have both high-end dining and casual places in food courts for quick, cheap meals. But the medium-priced dinner house is relatively rare on the Read More



The Green Party

You know that friend who’s into yoga, 64 ounces of daily H20 and regular exercise? If they weren’t so nice it would be easy to pooh-pooh how effortless they make their health look, sipping wheatgrass while you secretly envy their energy and baby-soft skin from the straw side of your Frappuccino. Your greens-drinking friend may be onto Read More



Greener Pastures

Max’s menu picks Bonjour brûlée, $6.75. Rancho-mame, $3.50. Flat Chix & Greens, $8. Chix on Broadway, $9.50. Burger Benedict, $9.50.  The perfect little 21st-century cafe will have healthful, delicious food, speedy delivery, cool decor, gluten-free options, cold-pressed juice and be tuned into social media—Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. OK, you get the Read More



Free to Be Gluten Free

Full disclosure: I know New York restaurateur Miki Agrawal from my Cornell days. She and her twin sister Radha studied business and communication, and I food and beverage. So cosmic intervention can be the only explanation how, for the second time in my life, I’ve been walking down a street and bumped into them right when we needed one another. I know it’s fate, because it’s happened Read More


Something Bold, Something New

Is it really any wonder why the cupcake trend has found love in the wedding circuit? With the surge of cupcake shops opening all over the country, it was only a matter of time before brides swooned. And for good reason: Cupcakes give brides and grooms the ability to personalize the experience with different cake flavors, frostings and embellishments, allows for dietary considerations (gluten-free, vegan, nondairy) and offers portability and versatility without sacrificing the aesthetics. And creative couples can make just as much of a statement as the traditional tiered wedding Read More



Let Them Eat Pub Fare

Max’s menu picks Crab Louie deviled eggs, $9. Avocado kale Caesar, $14. Heritage turkey burger, $17. Peanut butter crunch burger, $17. Roasted peach and almond buckle and caramel shake, $9. It’s Friday evening at Michael Mina’s new Pub 1842 in the MGM Grand, and the great chef himself, who owns more than a dozen restaurants around the country, is doing yeoman work expediting on Read More



You Don?t Know Juan

Max’s menu picks Shrimp ceviche, $9.95. Sopa de fideos, $2.25-$3.95 (complimentary with most entrées). New Mexico enchiladas, $12.25. Combo fajitas for two, $25.95. Let’s stop all the grousing about our lack of good neighborhood Mexican Read More