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  • With the DJ

    Hey, Mister [Celebrity] DJ: Brody Jenner Jumps on the DJ Bandwagon

    By Laurel May Bond

    The reality show star hits the scene in an unexpected way—and gives us a lesson in celeb-stalking etiquette.

  • Nightlife

    Eva Shaw: Las Vegas’ Resident Female DJ

    By Laurel May Bond

    Eva Shaw has it all: a headlining DJ gig at Hakkasan, a modeling career, famous friends and a glamorous life that is catapulting her into the pop-culture stratosphere. The doe-eyed beauty who launched her music career as “Bambi” has ditched the sexy stage moniker and is going with an even bigger seller: herself. Today her […]

  • Nightlife

    Seven Things You Can Expect from a Richie Hawtin Show

    By Grace Bascos

    The small but growing techno community in Las Vegas has been gaining steam over the past year, with more well known artists of the genre getting picked up for one-off nights in the clubs. First Adam Beyer, then Loco Dice and now, all techno prayers have been answered: Richie Hawtin will play Marquee on October 26.

  • About Town

    Residents’ Evil

    By Geoff Carter

    Las Vegas doesn’t have a large native vernacular. We don’t have neighborhoods with native accents and nomenclature. We don’t have insider stuff that we hide from outsiders; we don’t want tourists to think that we’re withholding anything they could spend money on. As a result, whenever a word or phrase finds its way into our vernacular, we tend to use the hell out of it—often incorrectly. “I got a comp.” “This is my Friday.”

  • Scene

    The venture of Milo and Eddie

    By Deanna Rilling

    We’ve repeatedly heard that Vegas is the new dance-music capital of North America, if not the world. Top DJ/producers from around the world are taking over at major nightclubs here. Renowned national and international nightlife brands are planting their flags up and down the Strip. But what about the local turntablists?

  • Fashion

    Spin Cycle

    Photography: Anthony mair Styling: Nicole Chandler Location: Surrender Nightclub in Encore Aoki sports his own distinctive style. AllSaints vest, Bolongaro Trevor top and Bam Bam jeans and Supra sneakers.

  • Electric Destination

    By Mosi Reeves

    "Good morning, Las Vegas!" says Nick van de Wall, better known as Afrojack. It is 1 a.m., but the night still rages at Surrender, a nightclub in Encore. Several hundred revelers have waited two hours for this 23-year-old rising star to appear, chanting “Afrojack! Afrojack!” The warm-up act, DJ Milo “Mighty Mi” Berger, has just finished building anticipation to a frenzy by deftly weaving a contemporary electronic pop mix while dropping remixes and “edits”—old pop chestnuts retrofitted with a post-millennial beat—of classics such as Madonna’s “Holiday.”

  • Coachella

    I’m With the DJ

    Five years ago, if you had asked the average American music lover if they listened to house, techno or trance, only a handful—with the exception of DJs, industry folk and electronica die-hards—would have said no. Of course, rock ’n’ roll has reigned for much longer than scratching or Serato have existed. But with the help of Daft Punk and David Guetta in recent years, the BPM has sped up and electronic music has taken over. And nearly every music festival is jumping on board.

  • DJ Profile

    Dainja’s His Name

    He’s as intelligent, composed and straight-edged as they come. But don’t let the bookish demeanor of DJ Dainjazone (a.k.a. Joseph Hampel) fool you. At just 27, this former baseball player, current substitute teacher and aspiring model has the party rock on lock. A fairly new DJ and already you’re signed with the same management as LMFAO. You call yourself the Leader of the New School. Why?

  • Profile

    Say Dada

    Dada Life. A name meaning what exactly? We don’t remember exactly when we came up with it; that probably says a lot about it. We live it every day and want all our listeners to live it, too. In your single, “Unleash the Fucking Dada,” you instruct listeners to “Do the Dada.” What does it mean to live Dada? Just go hard! You can do it in a lot of ways. At work, at a party, on the street. And do it with originality and no fear. Are there certain elements you try to incorporate during production?

  • Profile

    So Rude!

    Los Angelino and S.K.A.M. Artist DJ Rick Rude will sojourn at Blush Boutique Nightclub in Wynn, spinning everything from disco-electro to hip-hop Thursdays beginning Jan. 27 through March. In L.A., you have the title of being a “celebrity DJ,” and you are the official Family Guy DJ. What’s it like? Man, I hate that term! But anytime that Seth [MacFarlane], Family Guy or Fox has an event, they book me. I don’t DJ on the show or anything; Seth usually throws “celebrity parties.” He knows how to throw a party.

  • Profile

    The Beat Librarian

    At just 5 feet 1 inch, DJ Tina “T” Turnbull may be petite in stature, but Marquee’s newest resident Library Room resident DJ (formerly of Tao, Tao Beach and Privé) has ambitions, accomplishments and an appetite for life that is quite massive. The Library at Marquee is laid back and eclectic, very different from the main rooms you normally play. Do you have a plan of attack?

  • Scene

    Artists in Residence

    By Jason Scavone

    The observant partier could see it coming in 2010 with the likes of Z-Trip, Lil Jon and Steve Aoki, but it looks like 2011 will be the year that resident DJs fulfill the promise made in 2008 by Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto and take over Las Vegas nightlife completely. This year will see Tiësto at The Joint and Erick Morillo at Marquee, with Kaskade moving over there from Encore Beach Club as well. Then there’s XS, coming out of the gate with not one, but two big-name residents—the first since the club opened early in 2009.

  • The Latest Gossip

    DJS Are Special

    DJ Hollywood isn’t the only jock to get his own day from Mayor Oscar Goodman. After Hizzonner signed off on Dec. 23 as DJ Hollywood Day, he also named Jan. 1 as Tiësto Day, making what is probably the first official civic document to specifically reference electronic dance music.

  • The Latest

    ‘This One Time, at DJ Camp …’

    By Marvin Lucas

    Forget band camp: DJ camp is coming, and it sounds like the sort of summer experience parents would want to crash. The brainchild of enterprising DJ, Tina “T” Turnbull, Camp Spin-Off will be held in Oak View, Calif., and feature other well-known DJs—including Liquid, Moon and Wet Republic regular, DJ Scene—in addition to its founder, whose résumé includes gigs at Tao, Rain, Pure and Tabu.