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Downtown Design Center

  • The Week

    A Road Map to a Green Tomorrow

    By Nora Burba Trulsson

    Granted, the 379-page Scottsdale Sustainable Systems Atlas does not make for scintillating beach reading, nor did it make its principal author, Ken McCown, a much-buzzed-about guest on the talk-show circuit. But the detailed report served as a primer on the long-term sustainability of Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • About Town

    New Program Studies the Architecture of the Night

    By Nora Burba Trulsson

    If you happen to see a cluster of earnest people armed with cameras, iPads and notepads on the Stratosphere’s observation deck later this spring, they may not be your typical Strip tour group. Ditto for the campers out in the desert, peering at Ursa Major and Orion in the middle of the night.

  • The Week

    For These Rebels, a Chance to Shelter the Homeless


    A group of UNLV students is standing in the front of the class, making a pitch to a Hollywood producer. The producer, Peter Samuelson, is wearing a black shirt and black slacks, and has just flown in from Los Angeles. But these are not film students. Instead, they’re architecture students, and their projects are not only about design, but also community service.