What to Make of Startup Shutdowns?  

In the startup game, failure is not questioned; it’s expected. In fact, according to The Wall Street Journal, less than 20 percent of startups succeed in giving substantial returns to investors (and industry insiders will tell you it usually takes at least three years before those profits start rolling in, and sometimes as many as seven). Read More

A Small Bite


At Long Last: Sushi Downtown!

Opening a sushi restaurant Downtown has been on Le Thai owner Dan Coughlin’s to-do list for some time, especially since there is no other sushi in the area. “Honestly, when we bought Le Thai, I thought it would be the perfect space for sushi,” he says. Not far off the mark, Coughlin will open Bocho Read More

A Small Bite

A rendering of the future site of Glutton at Seventh Street and Carson Avenue

Gluttony: Not So Sinful After All

A restaurant named Glutton seems appropriate in Sin City, but then owner and chef Bradley Manchester has an uncommon definition of gluttony. “It’s actually quite the opposite,” says Manchester, who has spent his career as a chef in high-end hotels, including developing the Wicked Spoon alt-buffet concept in the Cosmopolitan. Read More