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EDC 2014

  • EDC 2014

    EDC Day 3 in Photos

    Like the desert wind, three days of EDC came and went. Now that the dust has settled and the glitter's been swept, the the only way to reminisce on the experience is through photos. Good thing we've got plenty of them here.

  • EDC 2014

    Instagrades: Best EDC Outfits

    By Kat Boehrer

    You came, you saw, you partied...and along the way posted a bazillion Instagram photos of your groovy Electric Daisy Carnival getups. Nightlife writer Kat Boehrer shares some of her favorites.

  • EDC 2014

    EDC Day 2 in Photos

    Day two of EDC is now in the books. The neon, pasty-covered, illuminated books. There's still one night left though, so take a look at these photos and get thee to the Speedway before it's too late.

  • EDC 2014

    An EDC Mad Lib

    By Camille Cannon

    What better way to capture the wild experience that is the Electric Daisy Carnival than with everyone’s favorite fill-in-the-blank game?

  • EDC 2014

    EDC Organizers Urge Caution After California Man Dies at Festival

    By Felicia Mello

    In the wake of the death of a California man who attended the first night of Electric Daisy Carnival, the event rolls on, but festival organizers Insomniac are asking patrons to be extra-vigilant in helping each other get medical help when needed.

  • EDC 2014

    Back to the Scene of the Rave: EDC Day 1 in Photos

    The first day of Electric Daisy Carnival has PLUR-ed until dawn. If you weren't up watching Insomniac's livestream of the event, or out at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, you can still catch up on what you're missing. If these shots don't make you want to board a chopper for tonight's festivities, we don't know what will.

  • EDC 2014

    The Festivalization of Las Vegas

    By David G. Schwartz

    It takes one thing to go from outsider to establishment in Las Vegas: success. When Pasquale Rotella’s Insomniac Events first brought the Electric Daisy Carnival to Las Vegas in 2011, he was a renegade fleeing Los Angeles, which had hosted the festival for more than a decade but rolled up the welcome mat amid controversy in 2010.

  • Seven Nights

    Icona Pop, Zedd and Krewella Top Off EDC Week

    By Camille Canon

    Thursday, June 19 They say you oughtta stick to the buddy system at Electric Daisy Carnival. The same goes for the peripheral parties leading up to and following the three-day festival. So slap on your kandi beads and grab our palm, friend. We’re gonna get through this together: Paradise Beach hosts the classic Bassrush Pool […]

  • EDC 2014

    Rave Around the World

    By Grace Bascos

    With the stateside success of events such as Electric Zoo and EDC, European producers sat up and took notice, prompting an invasion by the Dutch, who crossed the Atlantic with versions of their big EDM fests, including Sensation, Mysteryland and Tomorrowland. And more are likely to come. If you’re ready to see how the rest of the world parties, these are the festivals you should have on your bucket list.

  • The Grape Nut

    Sip and Spin: EDM Wine Pairings

    By Laurel May Bond

    Take that damn pacifier out of your mouth and enjoy electronic-dance music like a grown-up: by savoring a varietal that makes beautiful music with your favorite genre.

  • EDC 2014

    Four Years of Light and Sound at EDC

    By George Peele

    Since arriving in las vegas in 2011, Electric Daisy Carnival has quelled naysayers, battled Mother Nature and ballooned in size. As a veteran festival performer, I’ve followed Electric Daisy Carnival’s Las Vegas odyssey from atop a pair of stilts. Here’s a look back, plus—with a little help from Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella—a peek forward at this year’s festival.

  • Cocktail Culture

    Electric Daisy Cocktail

    By Xania Woodman

    Rose. Rabbit. Lie. mixologist Marshall Altier’s menu strikes a fine balance between twisted classics and richly storied originals—and his latest creation does not disappoint.

  • Electric Daisy Carnival

    E(lectric) D(aisy) C(oncierge)

    By David Morris

    Insomniac’s artist relations director, Jasper Li is the go-to guy tasked with coordinating hospitality and transportation for all of Insomniac’s club, concert and festival shows from the moment an act is booked till the crew rolls out. With Electric Daisy Carnival—a.k.a. Li’s “Super Bowl”—fast approaching, we caught up with him to find out more about […]

  • Nightlife

    EDC’s Directors of Madness

    By George Peele

    A microbus full of clowns rolls slowly through a crowd of ecstatic revelers. A flatland BMX rider nails a trick. A bald dude on pogo stilts does a backflip. A man in a suit of mirror shards shines from onstage. A hottie in a gas mask with rabbit ears wields flaming fans—you’ve seen them online […]

  • Nightlife

    Join the Unicorn Slayer Rebellion!

    By Deanna Rilling

    Take two veteran superstar DJs, put them in one booth and watch the magic happen as they use their collective talents to blow your mind (and possibly an eardrum, if you’re foolish enough not to protect your hearing).