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The Education Issue 2015

  • Education

    Makeup Exam

    By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

    Between kindergarten and high school graduation, the average American student takes more than 100 standardized tests. Here in Nevada, it starts with the Kindergarten Entry Assessment and concludes with the End of Course exams 12th graders must pass in order to get their diploma.

  • Education

    How Charitable Groups Are Making a Difference in Our Schools

    By Kayla Dean

    Dozens of philanthropic organizations partner with the Clark County School District to close the gap between what students need and what the district provides. Here are a few such organizations, along with websites you can visit to learn more and lend support.

  • Education

    Learning Beyond the Three Rs…

    By Rachel Kerr

    Education is about more than what students do in a classroom with pencils and books. It’s also about the diverse experiences that foster the curiosity and creativity that help make learning possible.

  • Education

    Hey, You … Wanna Be a Teacher?

    While her former colleagues were getting their classrooms ready for the start of the school year, veteran teacher Samantha Jones was getting ready for graduation—from nursing school.

  • Education

    The $5,000 Question

    By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

    A new state-sponsored voucher program is supposed to help address Nevada's ongoing education woes. But will it prove to do more harm than good?

  • Education

    One Teacher’s Message From the Heart

    It’s a Friday in November. Having just laid out lesson plans for his substitute teacher, Martin Vece closes the door to his English classroom at Canyon Springs High School, hops in his car and drives to his home in Summerlin. Once there, he finishes packing, then kisses his wife and three young daughters goodbye.

  • Three Questions

    What’s Going On in the Back of Writer’s Block Book Shop

    By Geoff Carter

    Writer’s Block Book Shop leads a modest double life. The front of the Downtown store is, of course, devoted to a well-curated selection of new books. But in the back of the shop, through an unassuming door, lies the Codex.

  • The Week

    Education’s Love of the Instant Fix

    By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

    These days, burnout is an accepted outcome of being a teacher. The spark that motivates us to go into that classroom every day starts to fizzle, ground down by a host of pressures. There’s the ever-increasing amount of rigid rules and regulations.

  • Seven Questions

    Seven Questions For Len Jessup

    By Camille Cannon

    UNLV’s president on why Tier One status isn’t enough, the medical school’s impact and how the Rebels are gaining respect