Electric Daisy Carnival

EDC 2014


EDC Day 3 in Photos

Like the desert wind, three days of EDC came and went. Now that the dust has settled and the glitter’s been swept, the the only way to reminisce on the experience is through photos. Good thing we’ve got plenty of them here. Read More

EDC 2014

Alex Perez for Insomniac 2

EDC Day 2 in Photos

Day two of EDC is now in the books. The neon, pasty-covered, illuminated books. There’s still one night left though, so take a look at these photos and get thee to the Speedway before it’s too late. Read More

EDC 2014

Photos courtesy of Insomniac

Back to the Scene of the Rave: EDC Day 1 in Photos

The first day of Electric Daisy Carnival has PLUR-ed until dawn. If you weren’t up watching Insomniac’s livestream of the event, or out at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, you can still catch up on what you’re missing. If these shots don’t make you want to board a chopper for tonight’s festivities, we don’t know what will. Read More

Electric Daisy Carnival


E(lectric) D(aisy) C(oncierge)

Insomniac’s artist relations director, Jasper Li is the go-to guy tasked with coordinating hospitality and transportation for all of Insomniac’s club, concert and festival shows from the moment an act is booked till the crew rolls out. With Electric Daisy Carnival—a.k.a. Li’s “Super Bowl”—fast approaching, we caught up with him to find out more Read More