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  • Green Felt Journal

    The Importance of People

    By David G. Schwartz

    With many UNLV students hoping to work in the hospitality industry, the increasing automation of work in that field doesn’t leave a positive outlook. As we move toward what seems to be an inevitably less people-focused business, it’s worth taking a minute to consider what we are sacrificing.

  • Higher Math

    Tough Times for Would-Be Workers

    The Alliance for a Just Society's recently released 2013 Job Gap Report reveals some harsh truths for those seeking employment.

  • National

    Amusement Perks

    By Kim Velsey | The New York Observer

    Last winter, BuzzFeed got a pony. Well, technically it was a miniature horse named Mystic, and she came by for a visit one morning—a surprise treat for hitting a Web-traffic goal. Sure, a cash bonus might have been more practical, but a little pony with pink ribbons in her mane and a tiny gold party hat that stuck up like a unicorn’s horn? So much cooler. And judging by the photos that employees quickly posted on Facebook and Twitter, Mystic’s visit was basically the best day ever. At least until the time Grumpy Cat—the famous cranky-looking feline—stopped by.