Vegas Seven


  • Outdoors Issue

    The Homecoming of The Wolf

    By Joe Donnelly

    Around christmas 2011, a large, juvenile wolf entered into California from Oregon. This event was almost as unlikely as reindeer landing on your rooftop. The wolf—known as OR7 to state and federal wildlife agencies (the seventh gray wolf tagged in Oregon), but called Journey by the growing number of online fans following his remarkable trek—was the first wild wolf seen in California since 1924.

  • Outdoors Issue

    Little Cluckers

    By Heidi Kyser

    In the fleeting cool of the morning, I palm Little Red’s chest and gently back her away from my breakfast. I’m at the picnic table on my patio; the rest of the flock is happily scratching in the dewy grass. But not Red. She’s my chicken.

  • Outdoors Issue

    The Mad Arc of Heroism

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    A clear, brisk day in may lured Las Vegas triathlete Robert Baker to Red Rock Canyon, where he hiked the short Keystone Thrust trail, found a high slab of sandstone and began his yoga routine. He’d done this before—the beauty of the rust-colored rocks and the blue sky worked not only as a backdrop for mindfulness, but also, more and more frequently, as a backdrop for his photography: He likes to take photos of himself in yoga poses.

  • Fashion

    Eco Chic

    The Location: Awarded LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, Aria boasts an on-site gas-fired electricity co-generation plant, as well as slot-machine bases with displacement ventilation units that cool from the ground up. Its conservation technology saves 40 percent of water within buildings and 60 percent in outdoor landscaping annually.

  • Look What’s Coming Next

    By Jen Chase

    Few places announce openings as early as Las Vegas, and with its competitive marketplace for restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment, that’s understandable. Here’s the best of what’s to come in 2013 (and beyond): The LINQ Opening December

  • Lil Jon’s Lil Guide to a Crunk New Year’s Eve

    By Deanna Rilling

    Who better to dish out partying advice than the man with a pimp cup full of Don Julio? Before his Dec. 31 DJ gig at Tryst, Lil Jon called with tips to make the most of the final moments of 2012. What’s the first step in prepping for nye?

  • The Latest Thought

    How Cool Comes of Age

    Pull up a chair inside the lively but not too-crowded Beat coffeehouse if you want to enjoy what the city and a handful of brave entrepreneurs have crafted in turning East Fremont Street into downtown’s entertainment district.

  • Drinking

    Spirit of the West

    By Sean DeFrank

    George Rácz knew creating a distillery in the desert would be difficult, especially since there is no precedent in Nevada for such an endeavor. But as he nears the end of a 2½-year journey, Rácz is optimistic that he is on the brink of history.

  • Courting China

    By Bob Whitby

    The budding romance between two far-flung cities is going as well as can be expected in Shanghai in the summer of 2008. Sometimes awkward and often dizzying, the long-distance courtship’s connections are building rapidly, the flirtations growing more intense. Chief matchmaker Jesse Davis, international public relations manager for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, and Elvis, his trusty, hip-swiveling, lip-quivering sidekick, are touring the world’s fastest-growing city, hitting event after event—from press conferences to nightclub parties—in an effort to hook up the “Paris of the East” with the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”