Vegas Seven


  • Parties

    Caesars Palace Ushers in 2018 with Major Star Power and Preps for Two Openings

    By David Morris

    Fergie brings "fire and ice" to Caesars Palace's event.

  • The A-List

    Single and ready to mingle, the bootylicious and proud Kim Kardashian kisses the year goodbye at Tao. In the Venetian, 9 p.m., $200, Vegas’ favorite bombshell, the always-perky Holly Madison, brings her buxom blond assets to lead the midnight countdown at Gallery In Planet Hollywood, 10 p.m., $75,

  • Gossip

    Three Peas and a Bod

    By Jason Scavone

    The Black Eyed Peas are to Vegas clubs what gators are to the Florida Everglades: ubiquitous, full of downside and far worse to encounter eye-to-eye than just knowing they’re out there, lurking.

  • Nite-lites

    Fergie celebrates birthday with unicorn cake

    By Jason Scavone

    Wyclef Jean is milking for all it’s worth the “gunshot wound” that police say was actually a cut from flying shards of broken glass. He turned up at his Haze appearance March 26 with a Haiti flag wrapped around his right hand. In a related story, 50 Cent has started wearing the seal of the borough of Queens on his face. Fergie did her birthday at the Bank on March 25, where she was presented with a cake that had a unicorn on it. The unicorn represented “Fergie songs that don’t make you want to tear your teeth out with pliers.”