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Rebels Stare Down Injury, Tough Opponent, and Live to Tell the Tale

After a fast start by the California Bears on Dec. 9, UNLV responded like a team beginning to find its identity and pulled out a tough road win, 76-75. Not only could the win be important for the Rebels’ RPI later this season—Cal is one of the favorites in the Pac-12—but it was an important gut-check in front of a hostile crowd. As the Rebels tightened up their defense late in the first half, you could see the confidence of the Cal players start to Read More

Can Anthony Marshall Run The Show?

When you have a team with as much hype as the 2012-13 Rebels, it’s very important to have a conductor—i.e., a point guard—who can keep the show running smoothly and make sure the chemistry is right at all times. That job falls to Anthony Marshall, who has been primarily a two-guard in his UNLV career. The question, then, is whether he can make the transition to the point. I feel that he can: Anthony played point guard in high school, and has filled in during important games at UNLV as well. Still, things will be a little different this Read More