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Freed’s Bakery

  • Dish & Tell

    Downtown’s New Jam, There’s a Baby in My Cake, J-Pop Cravings and a Unicorn

    By Marisa Finetti

    The local dining scene's hottest two new restaurants go far beyond tasty bites. Plus, Mardi Gras is near, which means Louisiana king cakes are on the rise.

  • Dining

    Vegas Cakes Shows the Tasteful Art of Freed’s Bakery

    By Ashley Glenn

    Food Network is showcasing the best of Freed’s creations in Vegas Cakes, a new television series airing Mondays at 11 p.m.

  • Business & Services

    Expert Opinion: Blasts from the Past

    The native, writer and connoisseur of Old Vegas offers his seven favorite blast-from-the-past businesses that are older than he is: 1. Las Vegas Drive-In (1966). A drive-in is more than just nostalgia; it is a good-humored, approachable place that is cheap and has easy access. In the mood for uncritical fare? Sneak in snacks and bottles of brews, head down there and see how accommodating they are. 4150 W. Carey Ave., 646-3565.

  • A Real Slice of Vegas

    By Michael T. Toole

    From its humble beginnings in a small market off Charleston and Valley View boulevards a half century ago to its recent coverage on the Food Network’s Roker on the Road, Freed’s Bakery is a classic American success story, and it’s one that belongs to Las Vegas.

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