Vegas Seven

Golden Nugget

  • DTLV

    Troy Liquor Bar Brings a Strip-Worthy Experience to Downtown Las Vegas

    By Jessie O'Brien

    The nightclub moves into the old Gold Diggers space at Golden Nugget.

  • DTLV

    How Las Vegans Dined in the 1950s

    By Su Kim Chung

    A look at some classic restaurant menus from Fremont Street casinos that take us back to the days of 10 cent coffee and 25 cent fruit pies.

  • The Deal

    Yes to the Lobsters, Pass on the Grasshoppers

    By Anthony Curtis

    The hoppers could've been ... crunchier.

  • Night-lites

    Three Downtown LGBTQ Nightlife Events For Your Radar

    By John Carr

    Thursgays at Oddfellows, Sugar Sundays at Golden Nugget and a new lesbian night to launch at Fizz.

  • The Hit List

    The Midtown Men Are Coming

    By Ian Caramanzana

    Plus: "Mickey & Worm" comes to the Sci Fi Center, the Writer's Block holds an author showcase and Container Park screens "Zoolander."

  • The Hit List

    Picasso’s Creatures and Creativity Come to Bellagio

    By Ian Caramanzana

    Plus: "Back to the Future" screens at Wet 'n' Wild, Charlie Murphy hits Golden Nugget and Smith Center hosts the Composers Showcase.

  • The Hit List

    Annie Finds a Home at The Smith Center

    By Ian Caramanzana

    Plus: Blood, Sweat & Tears play the Golden Nugget Showroom, zine maker Jon Weiss visits Writer's Block and Inspire screens "Caddyshack."

  • Music

    Do-si-do’s (and Don’ts)

    By Danny Axelrod

    With the return of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, country music fans can expect an abundance of concerts to get in loads of boot-scooting boogying. From Dec. 6-15, the NFR has sanctioned more than two dozen music and comedy opportunities, which will appeal to both die-hard aficionados and the relatively uninitiated. With this in mind, here’s a cross-section of performances, from the most-anticipated to a few you may have otherwise missed, to assure the most out of your NFR musical experience. Keen on Contemporary:

  • Dining

    Best Old-School Dining

    Vic & Anthony’s is often overlooked in the panoply of Vegas steak houses, but it deserves more notice, thanks to good prices on great food, and an atmosphere featuring a handsome retro dining room with a stained-glass skylight and amber-colored chandeliers shaped like giant starfish. Maple-glazed quail and shrimp rémoulade both make excellent starters, and steaks are nicely aged. Don’t leave without having a buttery brioche bread pudding, a warm, egg-rich suspension served with vanilla ice cream.

  • Scene Stirs

    Seven reasons to lift up a glass—of beer!

    By Xania V. Woodman

    1. Grab a group of friends and head to The Pub at Monte Carlo to experience Pubtoberfest, Sept. 17-Oct. 3. The 17-day spin on the world-famous Bavarian beer festival, Oktoberfest, culminates with the Pubtoberfest Festival on Oct. 17. Activities include $25 all-you-can drink beer sampling, a Bavarian sing-along, beer-pong tournaments and a “Das Boot” beer-chugging competition. Specials available beginning at noon every day. Just say “Ja.”

  • The Deal

    All poker great and small

    By Anthony Curtis

    The 42nd World Series of Poker is under way at the Rio. Is there a “deal” involved in that? Not in playing it—you don’t want to pay $1,500 or more to compete against these players unless you really know what you’re doing. Note the emphasis on “really.” Over the past decade, tournament-poker experts have gotten amazingly good at their craft. And on top of that, 5 percent is taken out of every prize pool, which means that even if you’re on a par with the rest of the field, your expectation is to lose 5 percent of every buy-in you make.

  • Stage

    Man of Many Voices

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    Watching Gordie Brown perform at the Golden Nugget is a lot like watching TV with your Nana … if your Nana has ADHD and refuses to give up the remote. Brown and his band keep the channel-surfing pace going from start to finish, clicking through impersonations of all the old favorites: Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, Jimmy Stewart, Sammy Davis Jr.—you get the picture.

  • The Latest

    Loosening Up

    By David G. Schwartz

    Ask the average slot player where Las Vegas went wrong, and they’ll tell you it’s not the poor economy or increased competition from the casinos that are sprouting like mushrooms around the country. No, they’ll insist the big problem is that slots are too tight. Sure, slot machines are negative expectation games, and if the casinos paid out more than they took in, they’d go out of business. But in the old days, they insist, it took you longer to lose.

  • Convenience

    The Gold Standard

    By Sean DeFrank

    It’s about time that a casino came up with a machine that has a guaranteed payout. On Jan. 5, the Golden Nugget debuted its Gold to Go vending machine, an ATM-like device that allows patrons to buy 24-karat gold bars and coins, ranging in weight from one gram to one ounce.

  • Diner's Notebook

    A visit to Vinny’s, a farewell to Nico and hello Beer Fest!

    By Max Jacobson

    Italian food dominated what was a good but high-calorie week of dining out. The northside appears to have a winner in Vinny’s New York Seafood Bar and Café, at 2950 N. Durango Dr. It’s one of the few places in town where you can get scungilli, or conch—but when it’s pronounced, leave off the last syllable, Sicilian style, and say skun-jill.