Vegas Seven

Gordon Ramsay

  • Soldier of the Kitchen

    By Joe Donnelly

    If Gordon Ramsay hadn't become arguably the most famous chef in the world, he says he might have joined the special forces or some other branch of the military. He got this inclination a few years ago when he was in Afghanistan cooking for the marines.

  • Diner's Notebook

    Elbow-rubbing with Portugal’s Michelin stars, and Gordo finally says Go!

    By Max Jacobson

    I am in Albufeira, Portugal, attending Tribute to Claudia, the sixth annual International Gourmet Festival, which attracts Michelin-starred chefs from every major European market and U.S. luminaries such as New York’s April Bloomfield. It’s an amazing event, and I feel privileged to be here.

  • A Small Bite

    Gordon Ramsay spills the beans, kinda

    By Xania V. Woodman

    In what has been called one of the city’s worst-kept secrets, TV’s celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay pseudo-announced his impending Paris steak house during the other worst-kept secret, the filming of the finale of the next season of Hell’s Kitchen, attended by thousands in the Barry Manilow Theatre at Paris Las Vegas on June 21. Chef Ramsay incorporated a number of local entertainers and chefs into the show, indicating with unusual caginess (he’s not known to mince his words) his intent to open a restaurant “very close to here.”