Recapping a Week in Which Love Affairs Fizzle

Sure, there were Christmas decorations in the stores two weeks before Halloween. And sure, there were Valentine’s decorations in the stores the day after Christmas. So it’s easy to see how people can get confused by the seasons. But karma has a way of settling those accounts, because it’s not so much love that’s in the air as it’s been a Shakespearian week of unrequited, unfulfilled romance. Read More


Illustration by Jon Estrada

Same S#!@, Different Year

It’s so tempting to assume that when the calendar flips over, the slate is wiped clean; that 2015 will be a distinct and novel experience of place-in-time, and not, say, another beige plod around the outer edge of a carousel parked inside the world’s fluorescent-lightin’est, volume-cranked-up-to-fourin’est, Counting Crowsin’est Restoration Hardware. Read More