Season’s Greetings

September is the lone chill month in the back half of the year. After Labor Day, we’re done with all the high-strung anxieties of summer—summer romances, summer songs, catching all the summer movies, trying to maintain a summer beach body if you haven’t embraced the life-affirming freedom of wearing a T-shirt to the pool. Read More



Derek Jeter and Katy Perry Offer Lessons in Graceful Transitions

You don’t always see them when they’re there, but every so often, life presents you with opportunities to pivot, to transition gracefully from one moment to the next. Derek Jeter, for example, pivoted perfectly last week from “baseball player” to “object of wistful melancholy for a time when the Yankees weren’t dangerously close to being worse than the Blue Jays.” Read More



The Swan Songs of Summer

It’s happening, whether you like it or not. Summer has one thin weekend left on the calendar before the big, official Labor Day blowout. Sure, the pools will stay open for another month or so, and the temperature won’t dip in any meaningful way for at least another three weeks. But the end is nigh. Read More

Blind Alley


Downtown Rumors: Resnicks Closes Up Shop, Wednesday Block Party Grows

Welcome to the dog days, friends and neighbors. Last time, we told you that the Las Vegas Boulevard-facing retail spot at Soho Lofts—a 4,000-ish square foot space that’s part vacant and part occupied by Resnicks Grocery—was up for sale. Since then, we have learned the asking price of the space ($1.3 mil), and have confirmed that, sadly, Resnicks Grocery is permanently closed and its space is vacant. Read More



Not-So-Fabulous Las Vegas

There have been worse weeks in the world of Las Vegas entertainment and sports. It’s just that those ones tend to involve things like the MGM fire disrupting show schedules, or the NFL deciding once and for all that no one in the city could ever say “Super Bowl” in public ever again. Or Jeff Dunham signing a residency here. Read More



Tony Hsieh Goes Atomic, Brody Jenner Hits the Decks and Claire Sinclair Geeks Out

The Comstock Lode was, in addition to the thing that gave us George Hearst as a character on Deadwood, the discovery that kicked off a land rush in Nevada, as miners flocked to the state to get their hands on that sweet, sweet silver. Sure, our state has had other, less old-school land grabs since then. But it’s always nice to see these things come back into fashion. Read More


Illustration by Cierra Pedro

Attention Nia Sanchez and Other Celebs: Seeking Fame Brings Scrutiny

It kind of goes without saying, but being a celebrity, or achieving celebrity-like status, however fleeting, opens you up to a lot more scrutiny. Brilliant, right? It’s so stupidly obvious it’s basically dumb to even bring it up. Except. It might be obvious to all of the rest of us, but the exact people to whom it’s the least obvious are the ones who seem to seek the spotlight. Read More