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Health Care

  • Conversations

    The Auspiciousness of Angela Quinn

    By Jessi C. Acuña

    A life of public service continues with the opening of health and wellness centers

  • Three Questions

    Three Questions: Health Policy

    When Las Vegas pediatric oncologist and hematologist Ron Kline leaves Las Vegas this month for a year in Washington, D.C., it won’t be for a new job or an extended vacation. Instead, he’ll be wrestling with how to fix the nation’s notoriously costly and arcane health care system. Kline is one of six recipients of […]

  • The Week

    Are You Ready to Be the Cure?

    By Heidi Kyser

    We’ve all gotten the memo that change is coming to health care, but few of us really understand what that means. One thing seems clear: We, the consumers, will be asked to take much more responsibility for our own care. Many of the big-ticket new ideas—health care co-ops, patient-centered outcomes research and the digital health care revolution—rely heavily on the patient. Consider:

  • Seven Questions

    Seven Questions for Joe Heck

    By Paul Szydelko

    One of 17 medical doctors in the 113th Congress, Republican Joe Heck is suddenly Nevada’s senior representative after withstanding John Oceguera’s challenge for only a second term last fall.

  • Nevada and The Future of Obamacare

    By Heidi Kyser

    No matter what subject someone was supposed to be presenting at the recent Nevada Health Care Forum in Green Valley, the conversation kept meandering back to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—a.k.a. Obamacare.

  • Economy

    And Now, a Health-Care Downturn?

    By James P. Reza

    A strong dose of fear can either motivate or paralyze. And there’s plenty of fear-peddling these days, especially when it comes to the economy and health care. There are fiscal cliffs, trillion-dollar deficits no one knows how to repay and now Medicare cuts potentially adding another half million to the unemployment ranks in 2013.

  • Health

    Cuts and Scars

    By Heidi Kyser

    Indigent Southern Nevadans who suffer from mental illnesses are losing another place to get help. The local Salvation Army is sharply reducing its adult mental-health services because of a multimillion-dollar gap in funding.

  • About Town

    A Tale of Two Health Clinics

    By Heidi Kyser

    Meet Zubin Damania and Florence Jameson: Two physicians with plans for much-needed health clinics in downtown Las Vegas, whose respective business models reveal two distinct visions of the area—two different downtowns, for that matter.

  • The Latest Thought

    A Crisis for the Ages

    By Liz Benston

    Here’s a post-holiday heart-warmer to go along with those other financial worries: Count on retiring with more than $2 million, or not retiring at all. Advances in medical science are allowing people to live longer lives. The problem is, by the time today’s younger generations stand to benefit from these improvements, they may not be able to afford them. A retirement nest egg like our parents (or grandparents) had—the kind many retirees lack even now—may no longer be enough.