Vegas Seven


  • The (New) iPhone Cometh. Maybe.

    With Verizon and Sprint slashing the prices of their iPhone 4’s and Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference coming up June 10-14 in San Francisco, rumors are building about the impending announcement of an iPhone 6. Well, one of the rumors is that it will be an “iPhone 5S”—but if the phone is cool enough, its name won’t matter.

  • Vegas Tech

    Tap on Drinks

    By Roger Erik Tinch

    It all started with a beer—one that I ordered and paid for at The Beat coffeehouse using an iPhone app. The waiter received my order through his iPad, and the beer was promptly delivered to me upstairs at a desk in the downtown tech library, /usr/lib. From order to delivery, it took five minutes. There were no lines to deal with, no exchange of physical currency (paper or plastic), and since the app saved my payment details I could easily order another round with the tap of a finger.

  • Nightlife

    Where’s the party at? There’s an app for that!

    By Xania V. Woodman

    Get ready to see your virtual world and your real world converge with impending launch of Clubdango, a Las Vegas-based but worldwide relevant nightlife app that lets you know what deals are available nearby no matter where you are. “Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World,” says Clubdango co-founder/chief technical officer, Glen Testamark, who also created a similar social entertainment app, iHost.

  • iPhoning Home

    By Jarret Keene

    The Alicia Motel on Fremont Street isn’t much to look at with the naked eye in broad daylight. It’s just another seedy, crumbling, inexpensive respite in downtown Las Vegas. But in Dr. Gregory Robinson’s new exhibit, Vegas From the Hip, an image of the Alicia possesses the alluring qualities of a cherished family photograph kept for years in an old scrapbook—overexposed, tinged with nostalgia, mystery-flecked.

  • Technology

    On the Case

    Unless you live in a cave with poor Internet service, you know that Apple gave case makers a very big gift in the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4’s antenna wraps around the outside of the phone, so if you touch it in the wrong spot, the signal weakens significantly. Admitting the problem, Apple is providing iPhone 4 buyers a free “bumper” to wrap the phone. Problem solved!