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    JFK Exhibit Lands at the Trop

    By Paul Szydelko

    If you thought last year’s 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination would bring closure to the nation’s JFK obsession, think again.

  • JFK

    Camelot, Innocence and the Art of Unhappy Endings

    By Steve Bornfeld

    Nearly nothing of being 6 years old snaps back into focus now. Except half a week—when a bullet ripped through a president’s skull and a child’s shapeless heart began to take form.

  • The Gift and Burden of Anniversaries

    By Greg Blake Miller

    In a nation that looks relentlessly forward—Is that an iPhone4 you’ve got there, loser?—anniversaries are both necessary and oddly popular. They give us an excuse, a sort of temporal safe zone, to think a bit at the world we’ve left behind. It doesn’t take the media-entertainment complex (that’s us!) long to occupy such safe zones with our own meditations, spins, stories and souvenirs. We’re fast approaching perhaps the mother of all ghoulishly market-friendly anniversaries. On November 22, 1963, President John F.

  • JFK in Las Vegas

    By David G. Schwartz

    It was a meeting for the ages: the midcentury King of Cool getting together with one of the nation’s fastest-rising political stars. The star of From Here to Eternity and the hero of PT 109. An idol of the pop charts and a Pulitzer Prize winner. And it could only have happened in Las Vegas, […]