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Three Questions


Three Questions: Health Policy

When Las Vegas pediatric oncologist and hematologist Ron Kline leaves Las Vegas this month for a year in Washington, D.C., it won’t be for a new job or an extended vacation. Instead, he’ll be wrestling with how to fix the nation’s notoriously costly and arcane health care system. Kline is one of six recipients Read More

The Week

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Water, Water … Nowhere

The diagnosis is discouraging; the treatment options dwindling: We’re running out of water fast, and Pat Mulroy is running out of ways to tap and distribute what water remains. It’s been a season of bad news for the general manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, whose singularly difficult mission is to keep this Valley Read More

Gavin DeGraw headlines the Wine Amplified Weekend Sept. 6 with Collective Soul.

Seven Days

Thursday, Sept. 5 Bob Miller, the state’s longest-serving governor (1989-99), recently published a book about his life titled Son of a Gambling Man. Miller has been intertwined with the rise of Las Vegas since his father moved the family here from Chicago when Miller was a boy. He’ll read from his book at 7 Read More

Higher Math


The NFL’s Gaming Fantasy

24 million Estimated number of North Americans who play fantasy football, per a study released in June by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. $70 Average per-player entry fee in fantasy football leagues, according to FSTA President Paul Charchian—meaning an average of $1.7 billion is at stake annually on fantasy football. 1 Fantasy football game Read More


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No Tortoise Left Behind

Since 1990, Las Vegas’ Desert Tortoise Conservation Center has taken in an estimated 20,000 tortoises, most of them unwanted pets. This January, in an attempt to deal with funding shortfalls, the center discontinued its pick-up program. Now another blow is on its way. Read More


Seven Days

Thursday, Aug. 15 This is your penultimate opportunity to catch a free movie at Town Square’s Movies in the Park series. This week’s flick is Madagascar 3, and the series concludes Aug. 22 with a showing of Hotel Transylvania. Movies start at sundown.

Need to Know


Your Short Guide to 725

A brand-new area code is on its way to Southern Nevada: 725. No need to panic, because we’ve got your handy primer on the new digits. 1. The new code will occupy the same space as 702. If you have a 702 area code, it won’t change. But if you get new next-door neighbors, they might have a different area code. 2. Starting May 3, 2014, you’ll have to use 10 digits for all Southern Nevada calls—even those from 702 to 702. (If you like to get ahead of things, you can reprogram your speed-dials now—10-digit local calls started working this Read More



The Early-Childhood Solution

The good news out of this year’s Legislature was its allotment of $30 million for full-day kindergarten, increasing the number of Nevada schools that will have it from 124 to 201. We’ll also spend $50 million per year from 2013 to 2015 on measures to reduce kindergarten class sizes. For a cash-strapped state, this may seem like a lot of money—to some, it may even seem like a waste. Truth is, it probably isn’t Read More

The Week

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What I Learned

The dream begins innocently enough. A book, an endless lawn, a metal globe that spins without my spinning it. In shades of yellow and pink and azure blue, it bears the shapes of nonexistent nations. The block type swings by too quickly for me to read—Czejikistanzhetz—a swirl of impossible consonants painted upon impossible continents. Faster, faster. I reach out, touch the equator. The earth grabs me, spins me, hurls me at once outward and inward, and I wake up in a cathedral in the north of England at the tomb of a Saxon historian named Bede. It is very Read More


Seven Days

Thursday, Aug. 8 Back to school already? Relax kids, you’re good until August 26. They’re just getting a jump on things in Ward 2 with the Back-to-School Fair and Movie in the Park, 6:30-9:30 p.m. at Ansan Sister City Park, 7801 Ducharme Ave. The event features entertainment, free school supplies and Read More

The Week


Slowing Down High-Speed Rail

In a letter to XpressWest Chairman Tony Marnell on June 28, then-U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood said his department was suspending further consideration of a $5.5 billion loan request for the Las Vegas-to-Victorville high-speed rail project. The decision, he wrote, came “after several years of engagement with no resolution to the threshold issues … and the significant uncertainties still surrounding the project.” Read More


Seven Days

Thursday, July 25 You’ve heard of indie rock? How about a little kindie rock? It’s cool music for kids, and it’s the new thing. Lucky Diaz & the Family Jam Band lay it down thick today at 10:30 a.m. at the Historic Fifth Street School, one of the coolest venues in town. Read More

Three Questions


The Roots of List Lust

“Top Ten Signs Your Country is Too Fat.” “100 Ways to Love a Cat.” “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.” Admit that you want to see all these lists, by David Letterman, YouTube’s TravisAndJonathan and Paul Simon, respectively. We love lists! The media obviously knows this, but why is it so? Why can’t you resist Seven‘s Best of the City issue, or the Most Beautiful People, or Vanity Fair’s Best Read More