Vegas Seven


  • Arts & Entertainment

    Criss Angel’s Future Wide Open After Mindfreak Ends

    By Jason R. Latham

    Final performance scheduled for October 28, 2018.

  • A&E

    Criss Angel’s Disappearing Act?

    By Jason R. Latham

    The magician on acting advice from Gary Oldman and why his time in Las Vegas could be up.

  • Style

    The Agenda Takeover

    By Jen Chase

    For the first time since its launch 10 years ago, the action-sports apparel trade show Agenda is headed for Las Vegas. Since the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority says more than 21,615 shows hit the Strip every year, Agenda’s arrival would seem fairly unremarkable if it weren’t for its totally un-Vegas-like rep.

  • The Deal


    By Anthony Curtis

    I like Vegas’ secret things, because around here secrets tend to mean there’s some kind of a deal. Of course, some secrets are more secret than others. There’s Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat, for example. How secret can that be? The secret pizza place at the Cosmopolitan was pretty secretive for about a week … until everyone wrote about it. Now anyone can find it. There are some cool off-the-menu secrets in a few restaurants, but outside of the gambling world, the best secret plays tend to be in entertainment.