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  • Seven Questions

    Seven Questions for Randy Walker, McCarran’s Boss

    By Matt Jacob

    Randy Walker’s bio reveals two stints with the Clark County Department of Aviation: first as deputy director from 1990-95, then as director, the post he’s held since 1997. Not revealed, though, is Walker’s very first job with McCarran International Airport: After graduating high school in 1971, Walker and other recent graduates spent the summer working with the heavy-maintenance crew out on the airfield.

  • The Latest Thought

    Name Games

    By David G. Schwartz

    There’s been plenty of talk this summer of renaming McCarran International Airport. At first, it seemed like a lot of talk from people who hadn’t thought much before talking: A name change would be neither cheap nor easy, and this isn’t exactly a time when the public coffers are overflowing. But with Sen. Harry Reid recently declaring that he thinks a name change is in order, this is clearly a subject that needs further discussion.

  • Art

    Wall-to-Wall Dancers

    By Jarret Keene

    Before becoming a full-time, self-taught artist, Terry Ritter was a showgirl for 20 years. During that time, she absorbed the aesthetics of the stage—stunning dancers, bright feather boas, glorious chevron headpieces, jeweled necklaces, flashy swagger and saucy struts.

  • People

    Best Power Couple

    He’s the CEO of R&R Partners, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s ad agency; she’s the deputy director of the Clark County Department of Aviation, meaning that she’s in charge of operations at McCarran and the county’s four other airports. Together, Billy and Rosemary Vassiliadis touch almost everyone who visits Las Vegas, whether it’s convincing them to make the trip or getting them on the ground.

  • About Town

    McCarran Rising

    By Daniel K. Bubb

    On June 27, McCarran International Airport joined the Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles airports as a gateway to the Pacific Rim. The opening of Terminal 3—a state-of-the-art, $2.4 billion facility stretching nearly half of a mile in length—was a statement that Las Vegas means business in the global travel market. The terminal’s architectural design, spaciousness and automated interior rival some of the world’s finest, from Munich to Vancouver.

  • The Week

    An Idea That Shouldn’t Leave the Gate

    By Michael Green

    The opening of McCarran International Airport’s Terminal 3 expands capacity, offers ample shopping and comfort, and eases life for international travelers. But it’s reignited a debate: Las Vegas Councilman Steve Ross thinks we should discuss changing the airport’s name to Las Vegas International Airport. Las Vegas Sun business writer Rick Velotta agrees. The ubiquitous Jon Ralston long has argued for this. They’re all wrong:

  • Travel

    Ready for Takeoff

    By Sean DeFrank

    McCarran International Airport’s Terminal 3, which opens June 27, certainly throws some impressive numbers around: a $2.4 billion price tag, 1.9 million square feet, 14 new gates (seven international, seven domestic), bringing McCarran’s total to 110.

  • The Latest

    Coupon Killer?

    By James P. Reza

    If you like bold predictions, Bret Pawlowski’s got a shocker for the local business community: “By the end of this year, because of the technology in place and on its way, I predict the coupon as we know it will be obsolete.” Pawlowski, who owns the marketing firm Brands in Motion, says the old printed coupon has had its day, and he’s doing his part to sweep it into the dustbin, creating a mobile coupon “ecosystem” that about 125 local small and medium-size businesses are already trying out.

  • Tourism

    Fueling the Economy

    By Dave Berns

    Average daily auto traffic has been a relative constant for the Las Vegas tourism economy since a record 39.2 million visitors came here in 2007. Airline travel collapsed from a record 47.7 million people who got on and off planes at McCarran International Airport that year to 39.8 million last year.

  • The Local Newsroom

    Someplace Like Home

    By Sean DeFrank

    As a soldier with more than 20 years in the Army, Lt. Col. Ed Megia has seen his share of USO centers. But he only needed about 10 seconds inside the new facility at McCarran International Airport to give his unsolicited opinion about the place. “This is the nicest USO I’ve ever seen,” he says. “And I’ve seen them all.”

  • The Local Newsroom

    If We Build It …

    By James P. Reza

    Few places in Las Vegas have shown the effects of the recession like McCarran International Airport, with passenger volume down roughly 16 percent from its 2007 peak of 48 million passengers. But Clark County Aviation Director Randy Walker sees a tiny silver lining in this whole mess, as the development of Terminal 3 keeps some 1,800 construction workers employed through next year. The $2.4 billion project is 68 percent complete, he says, on budget and on schedule to open by June 2012.