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  • Travel

    Hakkasan Group Eyes 2018 for Mexico Openings

    By Jason R. Latham

    Omnia Dayclub, restaurants to debut in Los Cabos

  • River of Hope

    By Heidi Kyser

    Las Vegans who bristle at the occasional outsider’s suggestion that the city is doomed to die of thirst now have at their disposal a smart new rebuttal in the form of an international water agreement. Next time a Northeasterner makes you feel like a squatter in a condemned building, whip this out: Minute 319, the Interim International Cooperative Measures in the Colorado River Basin. Those interested in really knowing what they’re talking about, however, should read on, for the deal is not what it seems in some headlines.

  • Cocktail Culture

    The Origin of Spirits

    By Xania V. Woodman

    The jimador, Quirino, had already crashed through the thick brush with his heavy boots and made short work of an agave the size of a Volkswagen Beetle with his razor-sharp coa, separating the plant’s long spiny leaves from the round piña beneath. He then handed the forged-steel implement to Cosmopolitan food and beverage director Ralph Cautela, followed by the property’s executive chef Jeff Walter and beverage director Scott Barthelmes.

  • The Latest

    Lost in Translation

    By Michelle Alejandra

    More than a year ago, Manuel Ruiz went to a notario to file immigration papers to bring his parents to the United States. He paid $800 and waited for word on what he should do next. Unfortunately, that word never came. Finally, Ruiz’s wife looked into the process, only to find there were no records of his paperwork at the immigration offices. With this discovery, he went back to the office to speak with the notario who had filed his paperwork. “After all,” he says, “she was an attorney, and I knew she would correct it.” But she wasn’t. And she wouldn’t.