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  • cannabis

    On the Use of Marijuana by Mixed Martial Artists

    By Kindland

    The stereotype of a muscle-bound oaf sticking a needle into his backside within a gym locker room is known. Lesser known perhaps, is that of the ‘stoner’ martial artist.

  • Sports

    MMA Mixes It Up at Weeklong Celebration

    By Hubble Smith

    The fifth annual UFC International Fight Week, the world’s largest celebration of mixed martial arts combat, is being held in Las Vegas this week.

  • The Deal

    The MMA Play

    By Anthony Curtis

    The big UFC cards have turned into good drawing events for casinos and bars around town, so you can always find a place to watch for $10-$20, but there are a few options that stand out. In fact, there are three—all at gentlemen’s clubs.

  • Nightlife

    ‘Mr. T’ Works on His Night Moves

    By Laurel May Bond

    Odds are, if you passed through the ropes at Drai’s Afterhours or the House of Blues in the early 2000s, you’ve stood in the shadow of then-doorman Trayan Tashev (or, as he’s more commonly known around town, Mr. T).

  • Seven Days

    Grab a Cocktail and Head to the Bigger and Bouncier Las Vegas Burlesque Festival

    By Bob Whitby

    Year 2 of the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival promises to be bigger, bouncier and naughtier than the 2013 debut. The four-day event at the Gold Coast opens today with a cocktail hour at 8 p.m. and a burlesque parade at 9. That’s our kind of entertainment.

  • Movies

    Gina Carano: Battle Born and Bred

    By Jason Scavone

    A fixation on individualism, on the limit-testing that’s part and parcel of an MMA career, is what pushed Gina Carano to "In the Blood," an action-thriller set for an April 4 release.

  • Television

    Reality Show Combate Americas Seeks to Expand MMA Audience

    By Kel Dansby

    With its large and growing Latino population along with a sizeable community of mixed martial arts fans, Las Vegas was a natural place to launch North America’s first all-Latino MMA reality television show and franchise.

  • Sports

    Tuff As Nails

    By Kel Dansby

    For two decades ,Tuff-N-Uff has helped turn some of Las Vegas’ best amateur MMA fighters into professionals. With a number of Tuff-N-Uff products moving on to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the homegrown organization is getting increased attention as the UFC’s unofficial farm league.

  • Sports

    Anderson Silva’s Broken Leg Ends UFC 168 Title Match and Possibly His Career

    By Kel Dansby

    Stunned silence. That is the only way to describe the crowd in the MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday as the screams of Anderson Silva rang out. The greatest champion in UFC history lay writhing in pain as fans stood frozen.

  • Sports

    Are Women the New Face of the UFC?

    By Kel Dansby

    “Never. Ever.” That’s how Dana White responded in 2011 when asked when there would be women in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

  • About Town

    A More Mindful MMA

    By Heidi Kyser

    “Stand up with a wide stride, lift your chest, rest your shoulders back and put your hands on your hips. This is your power pose.”

  • Seven Days

    Throwing Punches for Cancer

    By Bob Whitby

    If you’re gonna fight, might as well do it for a good cause. Round 4: Knockout Cancer for Candlelighters Kids is an annual MMA showcase of a dozen top fighters beating on one another for charity.

  • Nightlife

    From Nightlife to Fight Night

    By Sam Glaser

    John Wood, a multitalented nightlife veteran and fashion entrepreneur, has ascended to impressive heights within both industries. The Wyoming native moved to Las Vegas in 1998 to study marketing at UNLV, got his feet in nightclub and retail doors, and has continued climbing ever since. Ironically, his first taste of nightlife began in the realm […]

  • Memorable moments from World MMA Awards

    The fourth annual Fighter’s Only World MMA Awards took place last night at the Pearl at the Palms. UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones took home Fighter of the Year honors, but there were plenty of other memorable moments in the annual celebration of everything that is MMA. Here’s a quick recap of why you might want to tune in when the shows airs on FOX Sports on Sunday, Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Best Moment

  • MMA Awards founder ready for “special” show tonight at Palms

    Even before he launched the world’s first mixed martial arts magazine, Rob Hewitt envisioned an Oscar-style awards ceremony that would annually celebrate the achievements of fighters from around the world. Much like the skyrocketing ascension MMA has enjoyed during the past few years, so too has Hewitt’s “dream party”—which hosts its fourth annual black-tie affair tonight at 7:30 at the Pearl at the Palms.