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Monte Carlo

  • Green Felt Journal

    The Past Is Still With Us

    By David G. Schwartz

    Monte Carlo’s transition to Park MGM speaks to new Las Vegas identity.

  • nightlife

    Ricky Martin Brings the World Together at Park Theater

    By Mark Adams

    The international superstar on why offering Las Vegas audiences a bilingual show is important to him and his role-model status for the LGBT community.

  • latest

    Monte Carlo to Undergo $450 Million Makeover

    By Melinda Sheckells

    The name and existing amenities attached to the 20-year-old Monte Carlo casino resort will soon be another closed chapter in Vegas history.

  • Dining

    Pig Out Before the Year Ends

    By Al Mancini

    As we prepare to turn over our proverbial new leaves for 2016, maybe we should think about cutting back on the salty, fatty, smoky pork products. But may I suggest we send them out in style—with a giant end-of-the-year piggy blowout. Here’s where I’d start.

  • About Town

    Behind the Scenes at the Blue Man Group’s Open Casting Call

    By Camille Cannon

    “Forget about what you think a Blue Man does,” says casting director Tim Aumiller. “Try to be as authentic as you can.”

  • Dining

    Sipping the Most Sensational Soups

    By Al Mancini

    In the mid-1970s, Campbell’s Soup introduced the slogan “Soup Is Good Food.” In 1975, the Dead Kennedys opened their landmark album Frankenchrist with a song called “Soup Is Good Food.” As someone whose grandmother worked for Campbell’s and who idolizes Jello Biafra, I’m not one to argue with that simple sentiment.

  • Monte Carlo Takes Operation of Brand From Light Group

    By Jason Scavone

    The Light Group-managed Brand Steakhouse at Monte Carlo is Light Group-managed no more. As of April 1, MGM Resorts took over operation of the steakhouse, but kept the name and vibe in place.

  • Green Felt Journal

    In Monte Carlo, Back to the Past

    By David G. Schwartz

    If you were born in a gambling city back when that meant you were a little different from everyone else, you grew up vaguely holding Monte Carlo as the platonic ideal of what a gambling town should be: refined, elegant and timeless. Actually visiting the place, though, reveals something quite different.

  • Bars & Booze

    Best Beer Pairing

    The Gus’ Beer & Bites monthly beer-pairing dinner at the Monte Carlo Pub has at last hit its stride. Dine above it all in the pub’s rafters with chef Timothy Radigan, GM Robert Parekh and whatever beer ambassador or brewer is hosting the five-course affair. Reasonably priced at $64, this is the best way to dive into the craft-brewing world without pretension or unnecessary extravagance. Next up: Boston Beer Co. on August 28.

  • Concerts

    Cash’d Out

    By Danny Axelrod

    The upstairs open-air venue was buzzing with boxing fans left over from a Pacquiao-Marquez fight viewing party as the Johnny Cash cover band took the stage. Front man Doug Benson re-enacted the opening of Live at San Quentin, announcing “Hello, we’re Cash’d Out” before launching into “Folsom Prison Blues.”

  • Cocktail Culture

    Duck, Duck, Goose

    By Xania V. Woodman

    Well, now I’ve seen—and drank—it all.

  • Dining

    Chefs’ Night Out

    By Max Jacobson

    Chef’s Feed, a new app for the Android or iPhone, is on its way to Las Vegas. A cool concept already launched in American cities such as San Francisco, the app provides an interface that indicates where top chefs in a given city eat and their recommended dishes.

  • Cocktail Culture

    Party Cooper

    By Xania V. Woodman

    It’s wood to the last drop! Intrepid bartenders are putting entire cocktails into barrels and letting the wood work its wondrous magic, adding nuance and integrating the complementary (or sometimes adversarial) flavors into something composed. The technique started in glass, an inert substance that allows resting spirits to come together into cocktails that could be dispensed right into a glass and enjoyed.

  • Dishing With Grace

    Mexican Corn on the Cob, Diablo’s Cantina

    By Grace Bascos

    There’s something about the way Mexicans make corn. Although more traditional versions involve slathering the cob with mayo, Diablo’s takes it a little easier on you and seasons the wood-grilled ear of corn with fragrant garlic butter. A generous sprinkling of crumbly cotija cheese adds a pleasant funkiness to the charred smokiness of the sweet corn.

  • Stage

    A Different Kind of Studio

    In the sleek black-and-white lobby of Suite 15 in the strip mall that was once home to the Liberace Museum, B-boys and girls of all ages will discuss music, show off their gear and try out new moves. To the right in an 800-square-foot studio, dancers will learn krumping, popping, hip-hop, breaking and DJing from world-renowned choreographers. During open session, dancers will practice at their leisure in a second studio.