In Sin City 2, Noir Is the New Ultraviolence

I’m not sure what mood I’d have to be in to truly enjoy Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. But I’m not in it. Is it because crime scenes in Ferguson, Missouri, and Chicago and the rest of the real world—where senseless killings are supposed to matter—are hindering my ability to kick back with some recreational slaughter? Maybe. Read More



Magnificent Maleficent

“Maleficent” is Jolie’s first picture in four years, and from the tip of her character’s prosthetic cheekbones to the needle-sharp tippy-top of one of the massive horns, truly this is a performance that goes from point A to point B without seeming rote, or ho-hum. Read More



Guns on Film

The overwhelming majority of the 70-something guns in Shoot Las Vegas’ arsenal are tied, specifically, to movies, television shows and video games. In theory, this allows you to pretend you’re living in a shaggy Gus Van Sant remake. Read More



Requiem for a Flood

Noah, played with steely purpose by Russell Crowe, is a flawed, angry and murderously conflicted man just trying to do his job as he sees it: Listen to the Creator, prepare for the cleansing, annihilating flood, fulfill his mission and then live with the emotional consequences. Read More