Requiem for a Flood

Noah, played with steely purpose by Russell Crowe, is a flawed, angry and murderously conflicted man just trying to do his job as he sees it: Listen to the Creator, prepare for the cleansing, annihilating flood, fulfill his mission and then live with the emotional consequences. Read More



Naval Navels: The 300 Sequel Puts Bared Abs on Boats

The sequel chronicles mighty Grecian battles regarding who’s going to get to use the workout equipment first. This is the genre of abs and pecs and arrows in the eye in slow motion, with geysers of globby blood floating around, prettily and painlessly, for our gamer-style delectation. Read More



Liam Neeson Delivers Non-Stop In-Air Excitement

Liam Neeson is back headlining another entertainingly preposterous thriller. Non-Stop confines its action almost entirely to the inside of a trans-Atlantic New York-to-London flight in this present-tense variation on the whodunit, the who’sdoingit. Read More


Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor Gets the SEAL of Approval

Roughly half of Lone Survivor is a standard-issue Hollywood treatment of a recent, bloody and, in human terms, tragic 2005 Navy SEAL mission to eliminate an al-Qaida operative in the Afghanistan mountain region of Hindu Kush. Read More