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Neighborhood Epicurean

Off the Hook fish 'n' chips

Sampling the Grub on the Buffalo Trail

Flamingo Village Plaza, a strip mall behind a Walgreens on the southwest corner of Flamingo Road and Buffalo Drive, doesn’t look like much as you drive by. But if you slow down for a good look, this little enclave offers an eclectic collection of restaurants, from Japanese sushi, Filipino baked goods and Korean-Mexican fusion to British fish and chips, Italian-American favorites and classic American breakfast. Read More

Neighborhood Epicurean


If You Come, They Will Build It

The stretch of Grand Canyon Drive just south of Flamingo Road is engulfed on both sides by a sprawling series of parking lots and strip malls bounded by a Target and Kohl’s on the west and the Las Vegas Athletic Club on the east. Within this area are plenty of spots for physical-fitness buffs to grab a bite after their workout. But three stand out. Read More

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More Than Astroturf and Forced Perspective

When Town Square opened in late 2007, not everyone was convinced it was going to survive. Several storefronts were empty, and the parking lot was often barren. But thanks to a great tenant mix and central location, it didn’t take long for it to become the hot spot of the Valley. Even in the blustery winter and sweltering summer months, the place is packed with shoppers, moviegoers, diners and drinkers. The mall that offers it all has done considerably Read More

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Dining on the Edge

The pocket of Spring Valley near Fort Apache and Russell roads was once poised to be the next super suburb, but, alas, it was not immune to the flatlining of the real estate market. However, hope is not lost—where housing has come to a halt, commerce curiously continues to thrive. Hidden between vacant lots and stalled developments is a dining scene that’s alive and well. Three shopping plazas within a half-mile stretch host a wide variety of restaurants. Most depend on the patronage of locals and employees of nearby medical offices, but they are also worth a Read More

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Worth the Wait

Located just east of the bustling Blue Diamond Road and west of the often-jammed Eastern Avenue sits a far quieter intersection: Windmill Lane and Bermuda Road. Surrounded by residential communities, these cross streets offer the amenities most busy people—whether a family or single—are grateful to find in one location without the jammed parking lots and lines. Here the pace is a little slower, creating opportunities for restaurants to cater to the entire family, including the littlest members, and to get to know their customers’ Read More

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Your Lunch, on Vacation

The intersection of Fort Apache Road and Sahara Avenue sees a lot of midday traffic thanks to the many office parks in the area. The lunch rut is an easy one to fall into, especially when you are relegated to the same 2-mile radius day in and day out. But even after escaping the office, lots of worker bees stick around or even head back to this area after hours to explore its many dining options. Read More

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Making Waves

Things have been picking up of late in The Village at Lake Las Vegas. The last time I stopped by, the self-parking garage—almost empty on recent visits—was nearly full, and there was a good Saturday-night crowd on hand for a free lakeside concert. Despite the loss of some good restaurants at Lake Las Vegas in recent years, there is, once again, no shortage of fine dining in these parts, so bring a hearty appetite. Here are my favorites: Firenze Lounge at Read More

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Comfort’s Crossing

I share in the frustrations of many longtimers when they see older neighborhoods cluttered with “ghost boxes”—abandoned strip malls that have suffered brutal vacancies over the years (and you should know why). Still, don’t let complacency prevail: You miss out on some good things if you don’t return to old stomping Read More

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Somewhere Over by Rainbow

The Rainbow Boulevard exit off of Interstate 215 is a mecca of big-box stores with such established restaurant chains as Chipotle and Panda Express from which to choose. But if you’re looking for a tastier, more personal experience, journey just a few blocks south on Rainbow to a strip mall harboring a plethora of restaurants, where, in fact, the eateries outnumber other establishments. This is undiscovered culinary country, just waiting for adventurous foodies to Read More

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A Happy Detour

Boulder City is all too often regarded as just that little town on the way to Hoover Dam, a gas-tank fill-up and little else for those in a hurry. Growing up in Las Vegas during the ’70s, I heard Boulder City referred to as “Mayberry” (do I have to explain the reference?), and that was good or bad depending on your perception. As I got older, my appreciation grew for the city’s playful insouciance to modern times. It’s refreshing that Boulder Bowl is a bowling alley that is not attached to a Read More

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A Universal Center

Poor Commercial Center. It just doesn’t get the right kind of love or respect sometimes. For every shattered beer bottle, discarded razor wire and off-kilter philosopher living out of a shopping cart on the premise, there are winning attributes to counter it all. For one, how about giving it props for sticking around for nearly half-century in a city where commercial longevity is considered a strange bedfellow? Or how about enjoying the bristling, ornate diversity of its offerings south and west of East Sahara Avenue and South Maryland Read More

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Buried Treasure

Our Chinatown is a touch different than that in other cities. We don’t have the history of mass immigrants arriving in the 19th century and forming sprawling, multigenerational cultural communities on the level of San Francisco or New York City. Indeed, you really didn’t see a vibrant C-town (my nickname) materialize here until the last 15 years, when that swath of Spring Mountain Road from just west of Interstate 15 became decidedly more lively with retail shops and markets dovetailed with Chinese Read More