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  • As Told To

    Downtown Enthusiast Uri Vaknin on What Las Vegas Needs to Be a True World-Class City

    By Jessi Acuña

    The condo real estate magnate stresses the importance of continuing to evolve the art scene.

  • The Latest Thought

    Tony Hsieh’s Really Big Shoe

    By Geoff Carter

    Last month I arranged an interview with Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos and head of the Downtown Project, a $350 million initiative he funded out of his own pocket to create business, community and educational opportunities in downtown Las Vegas. The Downtown Project offices are on the 23rd floor of the Ogden apartment building, where Hsieh and many Downtown Project staffers live and work. I had questions about a property that Hsieh had acquired—a former 7-Eleven, now an empty shell—and he chose to field the questions himself.