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Oscar Goodman

  • Politics

    Which Local Politician Are You?

    By Emmily Bristol

    Are you an Oscar Goodman or more of a Sharron Angle? Take our quiz to find out.

  • Features

    ‘Quintessential Western Sheriff’

    By Oscar Goodman (as told to Lissa Townsend Rodgers)

    He was a hard-liner and tough as nails. He was the kind of guy who, because he was so tough, could do whatever he thought was right without the fear of any consequence.

  • Movies

    Tales From the Shooting of Casino

    By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

    Las Vegas has been the setting of hundreds of movies, but few have captured the aura of Sin City like Casino. Not only was it based on a true story, but it was filmed almost entirely here, with a largely local cast and crew, many of whom still have fond memories of those eight months in 1994 …

  • The Legal Issue

    Oscar Goodman Opens his Briefcase

    By Jason Scavone

    Before he was the Happiest Mayor on Earth, Oscar Goodman was one of the most famous criminal defense lawyers in the country, with a roster of underworld clients that ranged from Tony Spilotro to Meyer Lansky, the latter being one of the most important men in both organized crime and Las Vegas history (at the risk of sounding redundant).

  • Reading

    It’s Good to Be Oscar

    By M. Scott Krause

    Oscar Goodman is legitimate Las Vegas royalty. His new autobiography, Being Oscar (Weinstein Books, $26) co-written with George Anastasia, contains an entertaining mix of old-fashioned charm and deep-seated ego. Most of the stories and names will be familiar to Vegas residents who witnessed Goodman’s transition from mob lawyer to three-term mayor, but Goodman stands to win new fans across the country who are unaware of his many achievements and colorful exploits.

  • Politics

    The Ballad of Two Mayors

    By Michael Green

    “A 3-Term Mayor as Brash, Shrewd and Colorful as the City He Led.” The New York Times headline above Ed Koch’s obituary captured how he exemplified New York City in so many ways, good and bad. It also describes another former mayor who’s very much alive—Oscar Goodman. A look at both careers, and the ways in which they were similar, gives us some insight into our community and its history.

  • Kefauver Day and Unintended Consequences

    By Michael Green

    Nov. 15 is Kefauver Day, complete with a proclamation by Mayor Carolyn Goodman. And if you like ironies and politics, this day is for you. It will be a full day. The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, better known as The Mob Museum, will offer free admission to Nevada residents. The museum will host highlights of “Crimebuster:  Senator Estes Kefauver, Politics, Television and Organized Crime” at 10 a.m., complete with the filmmaker, Jon Rubin, and his wife, Diane, who is Kefauver’s daughter.

  • “D” Stands For …

    Despite the media’s best efforts, people are still confused about what’s going on at South Third and Fremont streets. Consider the question, “So, what’s the ‘D’ for?” overheard twice at the location during the Oct. 10 grand opening of the hotel-casino bearing the fourth letter as its name. Even Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman apparently forgot what the “D” was for.  During her remarks, Goodman referred to the CEO of The D, Derek Stevens, as David. Thank goodness the former mayor and his two flanking showgirls were on hand to set the record straight.

  • Gossip

    He doesn’t have to be 100 percent hip; he’s the ex-mayor

    By Jason Scavone

    Oscar Goodman, who helped pave the way for Electric Daisy Carnival coming to Las Vegas in the first place, came up to the EDMbiz conference podium June 6 flanked by showgirls, naturally. He called Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella a “genius,” but he also called it “The Electric Daisy Company.” Coming to you as a joint Insomniac/PBS venture this fall.

  • Carolyn and the Continuity of Change

    By Michael Green

    Carolyn Goodman is nearing the end of her first full year as mayor of Las Vegas. Few have noticed. That may be both significant and good. For two decades, the words that described Las Vegas’ mayors—Jan Jones and the incumbent’s husband—have been “Z” words: pizzazz, fizz, zest, zip. It’s unfair to the current Mayor Goodman to say the “Z” that comes to mind is the one associated with sleeping. But, unavoidably, the sense is that City Hall and the city it serves have become calmer in good ways.

  • Gossip

    Hizzonner on TV—no Bull!

    By Jason Scavone

    Former Mayor Oscar Goodman is taking both his television (CSI) and legal (defender of Mafiosi) experience and putting them to good use. He’ll be taping a pilot for Vegas Night Court With Oscar Goodman in the Elvis Presley Showroom at the Hilton on Nov. 18. It will be produced by Pawn Stars manager Wayne Jeffries. If Richard Moll isn’t involved in this, we’re going to be crushingly disappointed.

  • CSI: Goodman

    By Jason Scavone

    The Mob Museum may be dithering about its name and not, you know, technically in existence, but it's getting a big push tonight from champion Oscar Goodman in the form of Oscar Goodman's grisly CSI murder tonight.

  • Seven Questions

    Dr. Oscar Goodman Jr.

    By Matt Jacob

    Within 60 seconds of meeting Oscar Goodman Jr. it becomes quite apparent that the only thing he has in common with his famous father is that name. Whereas Oscar Sr. is boisterous, basks in the spotlight (usually with a showgirl on either side of him) and loves to swill gin, Oscar Jr. is understated, most comfortable behind the scenes (usually in a lab peering through a microscope) and can’t stomach his father’s martinis.

  • Remembering 9/11

    The Fall and Everything After

    Oscar Goodman, mayor of Las Vegas, 1999-2001:

  • One Vegas on the rebound, one moribund

    By Michael Green

    Charles Dickens never visited Southern Nevada (that he died in 1870, when Las Vegas consisted of a couple of ranches, may explain that), but when he wrote A Tale of Two Cities, he could have had Las Vegas and North Las Vegas in mind. Last week, Las Vegas bade farewell to one Mayor Goodman and said hello to another.  Councilman Gary Reese joined Oscar Goodman in the ranks of former officeholders, with Bob Coffin succeeding him.